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14 Things Only People Trying To Lose Weight Know To Be True

Your favorite food becomes your worst enemy.

1. Your favorite food becomes your worst enemy.

The bag of chips is tempting you every single minute to just indulge. You feel like it's calling out to you, and it's telling you that you'll be so, so happy the moment you have your first bite. But NO. YOU KNOW BETTER THAN TO EAT JUNK FOOD. But the chips are just so good! Huhu. Darn it, chips. Why did you have to be so good?

2. You don't want to hang out with your friends or go on a date with your BF because you'll end up eating more than you should.

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FOR SURE. Restaurant servings can be huge, and restaurant food is full of salt or sugar to make them extra delish. You think of bailing on them and making up some story about how you're swamped with more work in the office. It sounds selfish, but whatever. Although you can have dinner with them but you'd have to eat less than you already do for the next few days. G?!

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3. You know you have to work out but you're just so lazy.

No, you're not lazy. You're on your period so you're too bloated to work out. Or you're just not in the mood. Or you had a bad day in the office and you just want to sleep it all off. Excuses, excuses. You got lots of them.

4. When you do work out, you feel so weak 'cos you're not eating a lot.

You're thinking, "Maybe I should just stop working out." But you know you shouldn't, because your body needs exercise.

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5. You're hungry all the time.

Even if you're not on a diet, you're always hungry. And you're on a diet now because you want to lose all the weight you gained from eating a lot because you're hungry all the time. #CircleOfLife

6. You wish your mom supported your weight loss goals and stopped buying and preparing yummy food.

Why did she have to be so awesome and have really good taste?! UGH.

7. You don't want to admit it, but you envy girls who can eat a lot and don't gain a single pound.

It's just not fair! Why can some people get away with eating a lot and others can't?! Oh, right. That's the way life works: unfairly.

8. You tell yourself that veggies are your favorite food.

"They're so crunchy, just like chips! But way, way healthier so that makes them totes awesome. Veggies are natural. They're delicious, no kidding." Repeat 20 times.

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9. Getting to your goal weight is just so hard because you love all kinds of food.

Hello, pasta. And bread. And rice. And steak. You too, pizza and fries. Did someone say ramen?! Fuuuuuudge.

10. You get frustrated when you've been such a good girl with your diet and nothing is happening.


11. You feel like you've achieved a lot when you've lost 2 pounds. 

Finally, you did it! It wasn't as easy as you thought it would be, but it's worth it. Now, to celebrate with pizza?

12. But you feel horrible when you've gained those 2 pounds back.

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13. You feel like you're committing a crime when you get just one bite of that cake.

"Isa lang naman eh! I won't have more. Promise." *Crying deep inside* "Ba't ang sarap?!"

14. Torturing yourself when you've finished the entire slice of cake.

Oops. It wasn't supposed to happen!

Stop it, brain! Noooooooooo! I'M SORRY!

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