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3 Ways To Make Work More FUN (And Bearable)

Stressed at work or school? Maybe all you need is to LIGHTEN UP. Learn how to self-motivate and get back on track.

By now you're probably deep into your daily school or work grind, and before you know it, you've burned yourself out. Stay at the top of your game and avoid burn-out with these tips on maintaining a productive and worry-free outlook.

1. Make note-taking fun.

Long lectures and meetings can definitely make you nod off from utter boredom, so ward off ho-hum hours in the classroom or conference room by toting a sassy notebook and cute stationery to doodle on! Check out Heima's Paper Club collection for crafty designs that will inspire you to be creative.

2. Avoid future disputes by dealing with problematic people right away.

If you're the boss or a group leader and you catch someone committing an offense, don't let the incident pass without a warning. Discuss with the person the negative consequences if he or she persists with the improper conduct. If the person is a constant troublemaker, it can be hard to keep your cool so remember to document, document, document! That way, you can get it in writing and off your chest, and you'll have evidence on hand when you need to take it to the dean or HR department.

3. Don't feel pressured by overachieving coworkers.

We can all spot the teacher's pet from the very first day of class. Likewise, an employee who sucks up to the boss is also easy to identify. Forty-eight percent of people say they work with someone who feels entitled or thinks they deserve special privileges. Listen, it's frustrating, but don't dwell on it because it'll end up affecting your performance. The best way to make an impression on your boss or teacher is to work hard on each of your tasks. This way, you'll set yourself apart.

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