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4 Mantras For Lovin' The SINGLE Life

Feeling left out amidst coupled up peers? Learn these phrases that every single girl should live by.

There's nothing like spending quality time with the person who matters most: YOU! Singlehood can be tough when most people you know are paired up, but that's not an excuse to feel bad. It's important to set aside some "me" time once in a while, instead of sticking to the safety net of your girlfriends all the time. You'll be surprised what you can learn about yourself when you venture off on your own! Here are four mantras you can repeat to yourself to remind you why being single is awesome:

Mantra #1: "Being alone doesn't mean I'm lonely."

Just because you're hitting a weekend market alone doesn't make you a loser. "You may be doing your own thing at that moment, but remember that you do have people to spend time with at other points," says family therapist Judy Ford, author of Single: The Art of Being Satisfied, Fulfilled, and Independent. "Hanging out alone is just a temporary state, not a statement about the number of friends you have."

Put this solo time in perspective and you're more likely to enjoy it. Even if you do get tripped up with "I'm lonely" pangs, remember that it's common, whether you're single or coupled-up, says Ford. "If you're out and about doing things, though, you'll snap out of it faster."

Mantra #2: "No one's looking at me."

No offense, but get over yourself. "Although you think everyone is gawking when you're out alone at a cafe or movie, most people are too focused on their own lives to even notice," says communications expert Susan RoAne, author of the audiobook RoAne's Rules. Meaning: They have better things to do than dissect your solo status.

If they are looking at you, don't assume it's with pity. "A lot of people admire a chick who can sit and enjoy a meal by herself because they themselves aren't confident enough to do it," says Natasha Kogan, author of The Daring Female's Guide to Ecstatic Living. "When you catch someone eyeing you, assume it's because they think you're pretty cool."

Mantra #3: "I can do whatever I damn well please."

Between the job, friends, and relationships, a modern woman has little time for herself. So if you get a chance to squeeze some in, take advantage of it by doing what makes you happy. "You're not encumbered by another person, so you can be spontaneous," says Lewis. "If an activity comes up that you'd love, you don't have to wait around to see if a friend is interested, you can just go for it." You'll never miss another concert or cardio strip class because someone else was dragging her heels.

"You're also able to indulge all of your guiltiest pleasures because no one's around to witness it," Kogan points out. Just imagine being able to spend five hours shopping for absolutely nothing, or blissfully flipping through magazines while gobbling up a slice of takeout pizza!

Mantra #4: "It'll make me a more interesting person."

With all the freedom that flying solo affords, you'll finally have an opportunity to pursue more of your own interests. "The only way to become a multilayered individual is to do things independently," says Kogan. "With friends, you may fall into group patterns, but when you're on your own, doing what you love, you'll learn new things and have more to bring to the table."

Not only that, but you'll also meet more people. "Men and women are more inclined to approach someone standing alone because it's less intimidating," says RoAne. "The best way to make new friends or meet a guy is to show up at places by yourself." Point being: Chicks who can enjoy their own company are not only more fun and fascinating, but they probably have a wider social circle as well.

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