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4 Reasons Why It's Okay To Screw Up Sometimes

Nobody wants to make mistakes and deal with the distress and embarrassment that come after. But actually, there are upsides to failure, too.

1. You learn from your mistakes. Failure feels bad, which is why it speeds up your learning curve. For example, taking on a huge work project only to turn it in late teaches you to set more appropriate deadlines when your boss assigns you a project again.

2. You realize that failing isn’t as terrifying as it sounds. So, you launched a side business that never got off the ground, or you left grad school because the workload proved too tough to hack. Thing is, once you land on your feet, you’ll see that your entire world didn’t collapse. The fact that you do recover makes the idea of trying again a lot less daunting.

3. It can change your perspective. When you don’t achieve a goal, you’re forced to go to plan B and consider other options and ideas—ones that you might be even better suited for and get more enjoyment from.

4. When you do succeed after taking a few lumps, it’s inspiring. A hard-won victory leaves a deeper impression on you than when success comes easy. Knowing you can pull something off despite fear and other obstacles makes you feel strong and capable, and that in turn fuels even more leaps forward. 

Source: Susan Biali, MD

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