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4 Steps To A Fun, Fabulous Life

Let Cosmo take you out of your comfort zone and on to more exciting adventures.

Ever wonder why your life isn't spectacularly sizzling? If you're usually the one left behind while your more courageous gal pals explore exotic cultures, have exciting trysts, and own fun, fearless lives, you might be a tad too careful for your own sake. Remove that manang-like cloak, throw caution to the wind, and start packing up. You're about to leave your comfort zone.

"I'm okay naman with my job and my life in general, pero I'm getting bored and restless. Something has to happen na talaga!" complains Tanya, 27, a project manager at a local marketing company. Just like Tanya, don't sit around waiting for things to happen. Instead, be more proactive in pumping up your potential. "We must be intentional about the choices we make in relation to our dreams, and set goals to ensure we are moving towards them daily," says Christine Caine in A Life Unleashed: Giving Birth to Your Dreams.

In case you don't know how or where to start, Cosmo has come up with this step-by-step guide to help you escape that wretched black hole of boredom, give your life the zing it needs, and ultimately, help you teeter cautiously over to the wilder side.

Leap Of Faith 1:
"You Gotta Have Faith."

George Michael was right when he rocked the 80s with this pop tune. Whether you're picking out a new office suit that'll make you stand out or choosing your next VL destination, you must be powered by faith. Rid yourself of the fear of trying. "One of the biggest threats to our potential is our lack of faith...And fear can cause us to walk away from our dreams," says Caine. Alice Neville, author of No Fear: Overcoming Panic Attacks and Phobias, likewise warns, "If you think you will fail, you will fail."

So jump aboard the faith bandwagon and trust that the universe will help you achieve your dreams and conquer your fears. Caine adds: "Although taking the leap may seem risky, even crazy, it's faith that will take us to our dreams. Faith will equip us to do what we've never done before--usually what others are afraid to do--and achieve what we never thought possible." Believe and trust that you can make it. "Banish those negative thoughts that are holding you back and replace them with a positive determination to overcome the obstacles that sometimes appear to be so daunting," advises Neville.

Chargin' Challenge:
Set your sights on a concrete goal, like traveling alone to Cambodia, learn Zipping, or finding out your five-year crush’s name. Keep a reminder of your faith-charged target (write it down on a piece of paper or cut out a photo that represents your dream) where you can easily see it, like your cubicle tackboard or your planner. Work on that dream by imagining yourself living it out. Remember: The initial step toward achieving something is believing you can actually do it.

Leap Of Faith 2:
Make A Choice

"Although I've always wanted to try traveling on my own, I was always too praning to book myself a solo flight. One day, I decided to go right ahead and do it. Buti na lang I did it right then, because I caught this airline promo that cut the fare by almost 70 percent. Sobrang timing! Suwerte ko!" shares Tinee, 25, a quality assurance manager. Tinee got lucky--she was able to fly to Hong Kong on her own at such a great price. To up your chances of getting the same lucky break, you must "seize the day! Make a decision and surprise yourself!" advises Caine.

Don't let your ningas kugon 'tude stop you from working on your dreams right now. "Indecision can cause us to miss our dreams," warns Caine. "Sometimes we choose to sit on the fence and procrastinate for so long the opportunity sails right by us."

Chargin' Challenge:
What are you waiting for? Start on your own dream ASAP! If you're too paranoid to spend your life savings on that European adventure you've been dying to have, at least start by laying the groundwork and get your plans moving. Research on your dreams, build contacts--like scour for the cheapest fares, best deals, and make new email pals--and jot down all your findings. This well-decided and methodical way towards achieving your goals will make them ultimately more reachable.
Leap Of Faith 3:

We're not necessarily talking about getting into an exclusive relationship with a man. Instead, we want you to stand your ground and do everything you can to get to where you want to be or do what you want to do. It takes a whole lot of commitment and "unwavering stickability to birth our dreams when distractions, opportunities, or even good offers come to divert our focus," says Caine.

Keep steadfast even in the little steps. (Example: If you want to be the next office heartthrob, then mind all the specifics and work on them--your hair, your dating, your attitude.) Explains Caine: "Every extraordinary achievement is the result of a daily commitment to our dreams and the process that will make them a reality."

Chargin' Challenge:
Just because you've got your sights set on something big doesn't mean you should forego the minute details that will make that dream happen. Having the main goal in mind (be it scoring a kiss from that gym hottie or learning how to dance the tango), consider all the indispensable steps you need to go through. Write a checklist and get each item done one by one (example: get acquainted with gym hottie's friends or finally sign up for tango lessons). It's only when you've nailed the mini achievements that you can start embracing the big ones.

Leap Of Faith 4:
Get Over It

While we're free to dream, imagine, and wish for grand things, sometimes things may not pan out as we want them to. The secret here is to transform failures and obstacles into opportunities, suggests Caine. "Our ability to neutralize the power of potential-destroyers in our life will
determine whether we nurture or abort the seeds of greatness that are in us."

"I wanted to be the bida at our org's production of Romeo and Juliet in college. Kasi 'di ba? Bida gets the boys," shares Katz, 26, a director. "I had my heart and mind set on getting the role. I did the drill: I rehearsed perpetually and even signed up for private acting lessons." Unfortunately, Katz didn't get the part. "Grabe 'yung competition at the time. Though I wasn't chosen to play Juliet, spending so much time behind the scenes developed my love for theater. Now, I work full-time in theater and I love it! I even met my present and real-life 'Romeo' during one of the productions I directed."

Chargin' Challenge:
Zoom past the bumpy roadblocks and get over the circumstances. If you've gotten this far and remained steadfast to your goal, you're right where you should be. Look at where you are and draw strength from the positive things going for you right now. Besides, you have the power to "turn obstacles and opportunities into opportunities to develop your potential," says Caine. List the pros and cons and compare where you are now from where you were when you started dreaming. You'll most probably find that you've acquired a new skill, climbed higher in the confidence scale, or at least have tons of new experiences and kuwentos to tell. Not bad, huh? Now, rekindle that faith and allow yourself to start dreaming of new dreams all over again.

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