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4 Tricks To CALM DOWN When On Panic Mode

When you're upset, the last thing you want is for it to be obvious. Here are ways to tone down your anxiety.

Picture this: You've just gotten into a huge fight with your boyfriend or your parents lectured you in public. Or, maybe you've made a mess of an assignment and your boss is disappointed in you. Don't give in to the urge to break down or have a fit. Follow these four tips for calming down and keeping your poise:

1. The Body Check

People tend to fidget when they get nervous. "Cross your ankles to ground yourself," suggests Lillian Glass, PhD, author of I Know What You're Thinking. Forcing yourself to keep still will help to ease your nerves.

2. The Air Trick

If you find yourself hyperventilating in panic, slow down and get yourself under control. "Inhale deeply five to 10 times to ease your frenetic state and slow your breathing," recommends Glass.

3. The Face Fix

Furrowing your brows will result in nothing but wrinkles. Don't let your emotions give you an unpleasant disposition. "Facial relaxation exercises will cause your expression to appear serene," Glass explains. Concentrate on relaxing each of your features, starting from your forehead and working down to your eyes, cheeks, lips, and jaw.

4. The Tension Tamer

Panic can easily spread through you like wildfire. When you find yourself obsessing, abruptly say to yourself, "Stop!" You need to halt your train of thought before getting back on track. When your mind is at ease, "your body will visually look less on edge," asserts Glass.

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