4 Ways To Lighten Your Load

Is everything always on your shoulders? Give yourself a break without letting go of your responsibilities!

It's the start of another work week, and as early as now, you're probably losing all that energy you've managed to regain over the weekend. But you already know that the modern woman's schedule is always packed, whether she's a go-getter workaholic, a party girl, or a stir-crazy busybody who always needs to be on the go. If you're one of the ladies who find themselves with nary a minute of free time and far too much weight on their shoulders, give yourself a breather and take a little break. This doesn't mean that you'll be neglecting your responsibilities, just that you'll be giving yourself some much needed you time.

Mary Lou Quinlan, author of Time Off for Good Behavior, gives you four tips that'll help you slow down a bit, and possibly keep you from going absolutely crazy.

1. If you always get to work early or leave late...
You can still be a primo employee by extending just one part of your workday. So pick your "off" time: Work out in the gym in the AM, or leave early for PM shopping or a movie.

2. If you always plan every single girls' night out...
Designate your cruise-director role as a rotating one. You can do it one week, but then pass the torch. When you aren't doing all of that party prep, you'll be able to kick back and enjoy.

3. If you always jam-pack your schedule...
Make a plan to do nothing, even put it in your phone calendar if you have to. The idea is to stop, drop, and chill out—whether it's watching a Gossip Girl marathon or baking cookies.

4. If you always rack up unused vacay days at work
Vow to take a couple of days off each season (instead of bolting for two weeks and feeling stressed when you return). If you factor mini-breaks into your calendar, you'll come back rejuvenated.

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