6 Things Girls Who've Survived Almost Relationships Want You To Know

You can meet the perfect person, but they can still not be "ready" for you.
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Some people say that almost relationships hurt worse because you never get the chance to see the other end of all the possibilities. It's as if this person showed you a glimpse of what love is like and brought you to the verge of something beautiful, only to leave you all by yourself because he changed his mind.

1. You can meet the perfect person, but they can still not be "ready" for you.

You were not too needy, or too busy, or too shallow, you were not too much; this time, it was not your fault. It was his. He just wasn't ready for you. Yes, his hands traced your skin like a map but someday you will find someone who will be willing to lose himself in your arms even if it means there's no finding his way back.

2. Love does not have to be so hard.

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People tend to romanticize the struggle of keeping true love alive but the truth is, sometimes it does not have to be difficult. the right person comes, love will flow, fill in your cracks and make you feel brand new. You just have to wait.

3. People can change their minds in a day.

We hope and pray they wouldn't but one day we just wake up and they're long gone. Almost relationships crash and burn because one person happens to be unsure of his feelings. In your case, maybe it was doubt that destroyed everything that could have been.

4. When people show you who they are, believe them.

Don't get lost in the eyes of someone at the cost of not seeing the way they treat you for what it is. If someone wants to be with you, they will be. If someone really wants you to play a part in their life you wouldn't be left wondering and guessing and waiting for things to happen. You would not have a hint of uncertainty because that person will not be afraid to show you how sure he is of you.

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5. You can't make someone love you.

If trying to make things work is like pulling teeth, maybe you're just fighting an impossible battle. Sometimes, even if your heart is against it, you just have to accept defeat gracefully. If it's obvious that he doesn't want to be with you, don't try and change who you are to make it happen.

6. It is not "just" an almost relationship.

People will question why you’re hung up on someone who wasn't even your boyfriend but let me tell you this: Your feelings are valid. Pain is just proof that you have loved, and you should never be ashamed to show it. You may now have chinks on your armor, but we know that the fighter in you is still there. You will get through this.

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