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Whoa, 82-Year-Old Skydiving Pinay Proves That It's Never *Too Late* To Try A New Adventure

She’s totally a fun, fearless woman!
skydiving in Siquijor
PHOTO: Facebook/Skydive Siquijor

Adventure knows no age, as proven by Iluminada Fabroa, who recently conquered the skies of idyllic Siquijor.

Fabroa has just been named the oldest skydiver ever in the Skydive Siquijor dropzone, a feat that surely not many could achieve.

Fabroa’s proud grandson, mountaineer Jeremiah Navarra, said that the octogenarian was always on the lookout for adventure. In December 2022, Fabroa conquered the Philippines’ highest peak, Mt. Apo.


Hindi daw niya kasi nagawa nung medyo bata bata eh, kaya ngayon na niya ginagawa,” Navarra said.

“Mt. Pulag highest sa Luzon, naakyat na namin. Mt. Apo highest in the Philippines, naakyat na namin,” added Navarra, whose hiking hobby influenced the whole family.

He added that while the clan worries for their matriarch, his grandma always gets her way. “Kabado [syempre,] pero wala naman[kami] magagawa kasi siya ang may gusto,” Navarra added.

He added his grandma has ticked off many on her bucket list, including cliff diving and canyoneering. The amazing lola has no maintenance medicine except for the usual multivitamins and eye drops.

Fabroa, a practicing Certified Public Accountant and lawyer, finances her adrenaline-filled travels. The Danao City native has 3 children and 9 grandchildren, added Navarra.

Meanwhile, Skydive Siquijor said Fabroa paid P21,500 (2022 rates) for the sky adventure. Current rates start at P28,000 per tandem skydive. Prior to the ride, they sought Fabroa’s medical certificate and recent lab results.

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“She is physically fit to do the activity,” Skydive Siquijor added.

We’d totally want that kind of courage, health, and longevity. Slay grandma!

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