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9 Signs Your Cousins Are Your BFFs

It's all in the genes.

1. They were your first-ever barkada. These were the people you had no choice but to befriend. You probably didn't like them when you were four years old, because they pulled your hair out and called you really stupid names, but you guys are best friends now. So it's all good.

2. Family gatherings are always fun. Christmas and New Year’s Eve are super sacred events. And you’ve created more traditions amongst yourselves as the years go by. 

3. There’s no need to explain complicated family history. Because, yeah, y’all come from the same family.

4. They’ve seen you at your worst. And I’m not just talking about drunken tirades; they’ve had to live with you through your awkward ugly duckling phase—acne and all. ~gasps~

5. You’ve made pacts to be each other's maids-of-honor in your future weddings. This is a no-brainer. They’re the first people you think of when planning a day as big as your wedding. You can’t even imagine them not being part of it.

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6. All your friends know them. They were a constant presence in your birthday parties and random college inumans. Practically all of them are Facebook friends with your core barkada.

7. People mistake you for being siblings. Apart from having similar features, people will always say you all have the same “vibe.” Whatever that means.

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8. The bullying will never stop. EVER. No matter how old you guys get, they’ll always bring up those embarrassing moments you had as a child. I was five years old then, ok?! It was not my fault I peed on lola's bed accidentally.

9. You just GET each other. You don’t even have to tell them much or anything at all but they’ll understand you no matter what. 

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