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10 Instagram Accounts To Follow For Your Daily Dose Of ~*Astrology*~ Memes

You'll be able to relate to *so many* of these.
Funny astrology meme instagram accounts
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/zcdiacbabe, Instagram/zodicbear

Confession: Aside from my friends, family, celebrities, and various beauty and fashion accounts, I also follow a *ton* of astrology meme pages—in fact, my saved folder is filled with funny Taurus memes! There's just something about seeing the traits of my sign paired with pop culture references that does it for me, LOL.

ICYDK, astrology meme Instagram accounts tell people what's written in the stars for them every month and list down the ~traits~ of each sign. They do all of that while using pop culture references, internet humor, and nostalgia to make them more ~*relatable*~ and easy to understand. If you want to start populating your feed with funny memes, check out these 10 accounts that you need to follow RN:

Funny Astrology Meme Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

  1. @glossy_zodiac

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  2. @zcdiacbabe

  3. @zcdiacleo

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  4. @astrhology

  5. @drunkstrology

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  6. @zodiaceer

  7. @thezodiacstea

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  8. @zodiacbear

  9. @moonlyhoroscopes

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  10. @astrowonders

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