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20 Body Positive Quotes That Will Make You Feel All Kinds Of Happy

'You don't need an excuse to feel good about yourself.'
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Bodies come in all different shapes and sizes. Some have curves, others have scars, maybe stretch marks, also muscle, and probs hair in places not deemed “appropriate” according to societal standards. But one thing that is certain: Your body is the only body you get. And that makes it pretty damn special.

Besides allowing you to dance to “WAP” and bake banana bread as many times as you damn well please, remember that your bod also contains vital organs necessary for survival. What I'm trying to say is that it deserves a lot of kindness for just existing. Your body is yours completely.

Unfortunately though, societal pressures and standards responsible for making women think their bodies aren't good enough (hi, trash diet culture) are everywhere. And while it’s completely normal to feel insecure at times, it doesn’t have to consume you.

If you’re feeling down or just need some ~positive~ vibes right now, these quotes from actual body positive activists and badass people will make you feel all the warm fuzzies.

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Obvi, you don't have to love your body, but accepting it for the amazing things it does for you is more important than how it looks. Promise.

Megan Crabbe

“Touch your body without shame or embarrassment or thoughts of it needing to be something else. Give yourself a hug before bed and tell yourself that it will be okay. Touch yourself with kindness every day—you’re in this relationship for the long haul.”

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Ericka Hart

“Wearing a bikini, being topless while being surrounded by the hot ass sun, and ignoring the funny looking white cis man implanted in my brain saying, 'Are you sure you gonna go topless? Suck it in someone’s looking!' is a newfound kink.”

Eli Erlick

“Performing your gender for others can’t make you happy, only you can.”

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Anna Sweeney

“Being unkind to your body in any given moment won’t change your body in that moment. It will change the way you feel about being in your body. You can interact with your body differently. You can choose your body back. Regardless of how easy or difficult it is to live there.”

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Mik Zazon

“Just because we have acne, tummy rolls, and chaffing thighs doesn’t mean we need fixed. Period.”

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Lauren Leavell

“Forget your good angles, forget your airbrush. Forget your no panty lines. Forget your smooth bellies. Forget your perfect hair. Forget your hairless armpits. Forget your clean rooms. Bring me your real bumps and curves and your forehead zits. Bring me your granny panties and your scars. I’m here for it.”

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“You don’t need an excuse to feel good about yourself.”


“Remember that our bodies are always changing, and that’s okay. What’s really unhealthy is trying to fit into an unrealistic norm of what is seen as perfect.”

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It’s Dana Fitness

“Some people are telling me 'I’m too skinny,' others are telling me 'I have too much muscle for a girl.' The point is you are never going to satisfy everyone. The number on the scale is just that. A number. It is never okay to shame anyone for their appearance and I’m here to remind you that your body is beautiful no matter what your weight is.”

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Kai Wes

"You see there are other people—just like you. Feeling the exact same way. And suddenly being isolated to your own body and mind doesn’t feel so...alone."

Rae Ann Langas

“Having a flat stomach doesn’t make you more worthy, it won’t make you happier, or more successful. You don’t need a toned stomach to wear a bikini.”

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Harnaam Kaur

“Shine a great light on your most amazing qualities. We tend to focus on the negative aspects of us and forget all the greatness that we have within.”

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Cece Olisa

“Don’t wait on your weight to live the life you want.”

Kali Kushner

“I used to think that sharing photos of my skin was brave. I’m not brave, I’m just not ashamed. My skin will constantly change. Age. Wrinkle. Scar. Breakout. It’s not brave to accept that. Grant yourself permission to accept yourself in all your changing forms.”

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Ash Soto

“The sky is limitless and so are you. Loving yourself is easy, the hardest part is continuing that mindset. But as long as you push, you’ll always come out stronger than before.”

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Gabi Fresh

“While romantic love is great, self-love and platonic love are also necessary and wonderful. You don’t need a reason or another person to get dressed up, do your makeup, or explore a new thing.”

Mansi Ugale

“I was born like this, it’s not like I chose it for myself. But that hasn’t stopped the constant barrage of strangers and my own family telling me how to ‘look healthy.’ But I decided that enough was enough. If people didn’t like how I looked, it was their problem, not mine. In a world where fingers are pointed and judgements are passed at the drop of a hat, I’m going to do myself a favor and love myself so hard that even the haters will finally learn to live and let live.”

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Catherine Li

“All bodies are swimsuit bodies.”

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Sarah Nicole Landry

“It will bother some people greatly when you start to work on loving yourself. Do it anyway. It will cause some to critique your every more or thing. Keep going anyway.”

Lalonie Davis

“Don’t ever let anyone make you feel bad for being who you are or doing what you want to do. You are deserving of self-respect and love no matter the decisions you make with your body. Body hair is normal and so are you.”

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