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Body-Positive Instagram Accounts To Follow That'll Make You Feel So Good About Yourself

Clear your feed of everything that encourages self-hate.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/allwomxnproject, (RIGHT) Instagram/hi.ur.beautiful

Social media, like anything else, has its pros and cons. One of the downsides of spending so much time on it is feeling inadequate or less than, because all we see is the gloss and glamour of everyone's lives.

When you scroll through your Instagram feed, what do you see? Does it make you happy? Are you still able to tell what's real, what matters? If not, don't forget that that's totally up to you. You control what you see, so if you want to add more body positivity and self-love on your feed, here are our top choices.

I Weigh

Started by Jameela Jamil, the "I Weigh" campaign is a movement that encourages women to see their value beyond their flesh and bones. Instead of a number on the scale, women post about all the good in their lives and the things that contribute to their identities. 

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Ashley Graham

Ashley really changed the game when she entered the fashion industry. It hasn't been easy, some brands are still resistant about including bigger sizes. Some have even said no to dressing her for big events. But Ashley hasn't backed down, slowly but steadily changing the notion that big women can't be confident or sexy. 

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Beauty Redefined

Beauty Redefined was founded by twin sisters Lindsay and Lexie Kite. They want women to believe that they are more than their bodies, and that bodies should be seen as instruments, not ornaments. 

Recipes For Self-Love

This Instagram account isn't just about body positivity. Now a book, Recipes for Self-Love also instills "feminism, self-care, intersectionality, sexuality, self-expression, and mental health."

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Anti Diet Riot Club

While diets aren't inherently bad, the amount of pressure society puts on us to starve ourselves is very real. That's what the Anti Diet Riot Club is here to demolish. They post about women of all shapes and sizes loving their bodies. 

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The Body Is Not An Apology

Women have been groomed since childhood to constantly apologize for everything—even when they have nothing to be sorry for. But the one thing you should never feel the need to be sorry about is your body: "Learning to love radically means loving the hardest yet most beautiful parts of ourselves unapologetically."

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Hi Ur Beautiful

All the memes you need to pick you up when you're having an insanely shitty day.

Her Place Is In

This group uses art to promote femininity and diversity through photography.

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Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn is a plus-size yoga teacher and bopo advocate. She is a breath of fresh air in a world that only thinks yoga is for white, thin women with too much money, lol. Jessamyn practices yoga in a way that centers oneself on how you feel, not how you look. 

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