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Breast TLC: While You're In The Shower

As our last hurrah for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we give you tips on caring for your pair at the best time: bathtime.
Here's how to take care of your pair while you bathe:

Use mild soap. Cleansing your twins with gentle moisturizing soap will prevent breakouts, which are caused by excess bacteria on your skin. If you're prone to pimples, wash with an over-the-counter benzoyl-peroxide formula or a mild salicylic-acid cleanser as well. These products are intended for your face, but they'll help keep breast skin zit free as well.

Put down your razor. It's normal to have several hairs between your set and surrounding your nipples. But resist the urge to razor away these stray strands-the blade can trigger a rash or cause hair follicles to become infected. Instead, pluck each hair while your skin is wet, when pores are open and each strand is looser.

Feel for suspicious lumps. Warm water makes it easier for your fingers to glide over your breasts, so the shower is the ideal place to familiarize yourself with how your boobs normally feel and to check for any suspicious lumps or growths beneath your skin. After stepping out of the shower, give your girls the once-over in the mirror, looking for new or changing moles, blemishes, and red patches, which may indicate skin cancer.

Source: Dematologist Wendy E. Roberts, spokeswoman for the Women's Dermatological Society
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