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15 Struggles Of Being The Youngest Person In The Office

When your officemates start talking about their husbands and wives you just sit there thinking of what you want to have for lunch.

1. Whenever you meet someone new, they assume you’re an intern.

And they sometimes ask you to do tasks they would normally make interns do so you have to explain to them that nope, you actually work there.

2. You get endless comments about looking SO young.

Conversations usually start with “WOW. You look. So. Young.” And you’ve practiced smiling politely and saying “Oh, thanks!” because that’s probably the right thing to do anyway.

3. Your co-workers always turn to you to translate millennial lingo.

But then you’re just at that age when you KIND of know what the ~*cool kids*~ are up to. Other than that, you’re pretty much a full-fledged tita. Things got awkward that one time you said, “Hindi ko po talaga alam ibig sabihin ng bae, sorry.”

4. Everyone assumes you’re tech savvy so they call YOU to fix their computers.

Like that one time your boss’ browser wasn’t working, she called you to see what’s wrong. Eh hindi ka naman IT.

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5. Office lunches get a little weird when they ask you what you did over the weekend.

You want to be honest and say “I got drunk at my friend’s house.” But everyone else did other great, adult, mature things like ran a 10-K marathon or found the best organic store in the metro. So you just say “Oh I just went shopping!”

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6. Your friends are probably still in school, traveling to see the world, or unemployed, so you kind of miss out on a lot of things.

Everyone wants to go out on a Wednesday night but you have a 9 a.m. meeting the next day. Bye, friends!

7. Sometimes—often times—you space out in meetings because you have no idea what half the words they use mean.

“We have to get the Q1 average and increase it by 20% so Q2 targets will be more challenging!” UHM YEAH OK.

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8. When your officemates start talking about their husbands and wives you just sit there thinking of what you want to have for lunch.

And then they give you unsolicited dating advice, even though you’re single AF.

9. Speaking of lunch, your workmates often ~*envy*~ you that you can still kind of eat unhealthily because “bata pa siya eh.

KFC, McDo, Jollibee, and Mini Stop friend chicken are your staples.

10. You get overly excited about payday but you can’t tell anyone.

Because everyone else seems so chill about it! They’ve got this whole working thing down for the last 10 years or so.

11. You get scared to give your suggestions because you’re not sure if they’ll understand and accept it.

Okay, the generation gap problem in the work place is REAL. You think you know what will work and what your market wants, but it’s different from what your boss knows. You want to speak up and give your insight, but at the same time, it’s scary because you’re branded as the “Young One.” (Pro tip: speak up—just do it the right way! You know things your boss doesn't, the same way she knows things that you don’t. Teamwork!)

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12. The day your more mature officemates started adding you on social media was the day everything went private.


13. Someone from the office has actually tried to set you up with their son.

Iha, my son is VERY gwapo and VERY single! I’m sure, bagay kayo!

14. You’re the default representative at office parties.

Someone needs to make a presentation for the big bosses? Yeah, it’s totally you.

15. It gets hard when you're the only young one, but it’s also cool that you’re surrounded by people who have a lot of wisdom and who will look out for you no matter what.

They may hate it when you say they’re like your titos and titas, but hey, at least you have responsible adults who will guide you along the way!

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