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Stop Doing These Things If You Want To Be Successful AF

Do not resist change!

1. Doing everything yourself.

While it's good that you're being proactive with your life or your career decisions, know that being proactive isn't about doing all the work, but about taking initiatives. And while it's good to be a hard worker, know that there's also such a thing as working well or working smart. And in the case of being a leader or establishing your own start-up, you have to delegate tasks to other people so you can focus on envisioning your future and planning the steps you'll need to take.

There are people who're more than willing to help, even if it's just by giving you their two cents' worth of advice or criticism. Don't forget that another perspective that will widen your horizon will help you by leaps and bounds.

2. Making empty promises.

Because people do not want to work with or for someone who can't follow through. Making empty promises also makes you look bad, and a stained rep is bound to make things a bit harder for you (you want people to trust you!). Rarely make promises, and when you do make them, don't break them.

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3. Being late.

Apart from giving you a bad rep to other people and disrespecting them, you hold yourself back (and maybe even sabotage your work life) when you're late. Don't push back your itinerary and schedule!

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4. Blaming other people for screw-ups.

Okay, so maybe other people might have made a mistake. Still, it doesn't mean you have to dwell on it more than necessary. If it was a big mistake that cost you a lot, get angry, but also calm down afterwards so you can finally do the needed damage control. If they weren't at fault and you were responsible for the mishap, grow up and take responsibility. It won't make you look bad; it'll make you look grown up. If no one was at fault for something bad that happen, that is, it was an accident, step up and do whatever needs to be done.

5. Wanting to please everyone.

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There's a cliche saying somewhere around here, so we'll leave you to recall what it is. Need proof? Why do you think every industry and business has a certain market, instead of chasing the interest of every market out there?

6. Resisting change.

When it comes to moving up and forward, you have to be flexible and innovative, too. Times are changing, and it's changing fast. Denying this fact or ranting about it will most likely make you irrelevant.

7. Not replying to emails.

People are going to want to reach you to propose something, maybe a collaboration or just something you can do to improve a service. Not replying to emails makes the senders wonder if you got the message, or if your email is right. Some of them will assume the email address is wrong and won't bother hitting you up with something potentially big in the future. Your loss. Or, they could think you're a snob, in which case it's your loss, too.

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8. Being lazy.

Many of us need to put our noses to the grindstone to go far and up in society; not everyone is set for life owing to the toils of parents or grandparents. And believe it or not, some of the richest people in our country now were incredibly industrious that they didn't mind making huge sacrifices. Point is, if you want something badly, you should be able to work for it.

9. Belittling yourself.

It's important to know your weaknesses, but don't always just think of them as drawbacks. Don't let them make you say "I can't." Maybe you can't on your own (so refer to #1), but definitely you can't with that kind of mindset. Remember your strengths and develop new ones as you work and find your weak points. Cover all your bases, and you should sail.

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