Bad Habits Successful People Don't Have

Saying, "That's not my job."

Admit it: Sometimes, no matter how close your deadline is, it’s tempting to just watch a movie or go through your Instagram feed than finish a report that’s due tomorrow. But remember, cramming all your tasks in one day can affect your productivity and the quality of your work as well. 

Being unprepared for the unexpected
It’s always important to have a backup plan. If plan A doesn’t work, you can immediately proceed to plan B right away instead of wasting time (and energy) coming up with a solution. 

Saying, "That’s not my job"
There is always room for improvement. Just because it’s not in your job description doesn't mean you shouldn’t make an effort to do it. Try stepping out of your comfort zone or challenging yourself with a different task to see how you’ll measure up–it may even catch your boss’ attention and lead to a well-deserved raise. (Yes!) 

Negative thinking 
How your react to setbacks in your life can be a big game changer. According to a recent study by the University of California, positive and happy people earn more money, display superior performance, and perform more helpful acts. So the next time you find yourself in a slump, look at the brighter side of life and see it as a challenge to do better. 

Resisting change 
Once again, it’s a battle between you and yourself. Are you worried about what lies ahead once you leave your comfort zone? Break free from the norm and try something else. Think of it as an opportunity to grow and improve, or a chance to learn something new.  

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