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Research Says Men Are More Emotional Than Women At Work

Do you agree or disagree?
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“Ang drama mo naman”a phrase that you've probably heard at least once in your life. 

Most people think women have way too many ~*emotions*~. But a recent study found that men are actually more emotional than women in the workplace.

According to a study by UK company Totaljobs, men and women are triggered by different things at work. The researchers asked over 2,000 employees to open up about their emotions in the workplace, and the results are actually pretty surprising. 

It was revealed that men are twice as likely as women to get emotional because their “ideas weren’t heard” or because they “were criticized.” Additionally, they are more emotionally involved when it comes to work projectsmen are three times more likely to get emotional because a project went over budget, they missed a deadline, or a project got cancelled.

Men are also more likely to exhibit anger and pridetwo emotions that are associated with power. This supports the findings that were mentioned earlier since “not being heard is congruent with lacking in status” and “sadness is associated with a lack of power in social settings such as the workplace.” Women, on the other hand, are reported to express emotions associated with lack of power, such as fear, sadness, shame, and guilt. 

This brings us to the difference in how women and men express emotions. The study showed that in the workplace, women express frustration through crying while men shout or simply quit. 

Is this something you've noticed in your workplace? Do you agree or disagree?


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