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Saan Napupunta Yung Sweldo Mo? Here Are 5 Apps That'll Help You Track Your Expenses

Gusto mo ba maging mas efficient with your money?

I have to admit na takot na takot talaga ako about entering the ~*adult world*~. Sobrang dami ko kasing hindi pa alam. TBH, the main reason why I feel so clueless about adulting is because hindi naman nila tinuturo ‘to sa school. It’s as if they expect us to magically wake up one day na alam na natin lahat, na alam na natin kung paano kumilos ang mundo—but as we all know, that’s not exactly the case.

Financial responsibility is one of the key concepts of becoming a full-fledged adult. Gone are the days of your mom giving you allowance—malaki ka na at kayang-kaya mo na yan. You have to remember that you are responsible for it. 

While a handful of people seem to have innate ~*financial responsibility skillz*~, some need a little bit of help. Thankfully, sobrang daming budgeting apps that can make finance tracking easier for newbie adults. Check them out here:

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If you’re new to this whole ~responsible spending~ thing, then this no-frills money tracking app is perfect for you. Fudget is ridiculously simple—kailangan mo lang ilagay yung income at expenses mo, and you’re good to go! Plus, meron din siyang built-in calculator for CGs who don’t exactly like math (LOL, ako 'to). 

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Fudget is available on both Android and iOs.

Fortune City

Ok, sa totoo lang, hindi naman talaga ganon kasaya mag-track ng pera. But this app isn't like the rest, because it makes saving slightly more fun by hiding all the lame stuff behind a city simulation game. Meron kang "virtual town" tapos it grows as you add more info to the app, so dapat talaga inu-update mo every time may bago kang transaction.

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Fortune City is available on both Android and iOs.


Being conscious about where your money goes is one of the *key* steps to becoming smarter about your finances.
 Kung gusto mo mas visual yung pag-track mo ng money mo, maganda 'tong Spendee kasi it breaks down your spending by providing monthly pie charts that reflect how much you've spent on certain categories. For example, kung gusto mo malaman kung magkano yung monthly gastos mo for coffee, 'eto yung perfect app for that. 

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Spendee is available on both Android and iOs.


May joint account ba kayo ng boyfriend or girlfriend moO tinutulungan ka pa ba ng mom mo with tracking your spending? You definitely need to download Goodbudget; it can be synced across multiple devices. Finally, you and your loved ones can stay on the same page finance-wise! 

Goodbudget is available on both Android and iOs.


Not sure if you’ve noticed but the tiniest details can make or break how much you enjoy an app. Case in point: Monefy has dark mode and built-in passcode locks. You may be wondering—beneficial ba talaga yung features na 'to? At night, 'pag pinagiisipan mo na lahat nang ginastos mo, dark mode actually makes it easier for you to track your finances before you go to sleep. 

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Monefy is available on both Android and iOs.

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