Study Says Having An Office BFF Makes You Better At Your Job

You and your work wife are onto something.
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Anyone with a work BFF knows there's so much more to it than taking turns on the coffee run, or having someone else to blame when all the snacks disappear. You and your work wife are for life, and it turns out that you two could actually be onto something career-boosting.

As well as the shared eye-rolls at shitty officemates and encouraging each other to buy ridiculously expensive lunches, work friends are apparently one of the most crucial factors to overall success and happiness in your job.

Boosting everything from general health and well-being, to day-to-day productivity and positivity, studies have shown that those of us with strong friendships in the workplace will actually perform better overall.

A 2014 report from Gallup showed that, while 70 percent of employees are disengaged from their work (it's at an all time low), work satisfaction is massively boosted if great friendships are in place.

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Those with a best friend in the workplace were found to be seven times more likely to engage properly with tasks and projects, encouraging them to fulfill their potential and manifesting in much better results. Apparently it's all down to the fact that we share an "in it together" mentality, with a series of studies from workforce intelligence company Evolv finding that friendships amongst a team can massively increase productivity.

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"It is this simple," says Dr. Michael Houseman, Director of Analytics. "Employees referred by their friends are less likely to quit and are more productive; employees who are trained in a generally 'friendly' culture stay twice as long; and if you have friends at work, you are more likely to stay at that job."


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