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This Lingerie Campaign Is Celebrating The Beauty In Diversity

PHOTO: Instagram/curvykate

This U.K.-based lingerie company just made history for having the most inclusive lingerie campaign ever! Curvy Kate usually caters to women with large breasts, but their newest Dear Scantilly campaign suggests that they're moving towards a more diverse target market. 

According to Curvy Kate's head of PR Hannah Isichei, "it's important for [Curvy Kate] as a brand to speak to as many women as possible through our campaigns." She continues, "We know our customers don't all look the same so why should our models? Why should boudoir lingerie just be reserved for a handful of society? We want women to look at our products and see them on a body they can relate to.


To give you an idea of how diverse this group is, Taylor Crisp is an amputee; Effie Cluysen is a transgender woman; Megan Crabbe is a recovered anorexic; Therese Hansson has alopecia; Georgina Horne, Joanne Larby, and Grace Victory are plus-size models. 

Diversity really IS #TheNewSexy! 

Source: Cosmopolitan

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