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10 Things To Include In A 'Go Bag' You Never Thought You Needed

It pays to be prepared.
Emergency Bag Contents
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A go-bag is where you place all your essentials that you can grab in just one go (hence the nickname) whenever disasters like earthquakes and flash floods strike. We'll never know when we'll need one, so it helps to have it ready at all times.

The contents should be things that would help you (and your family, too) for at least four to five days until assistance is available. The usual items are the following:

  1. Gallon (or more) of potable water
  2. Food supply for humans and pets
  3. Can opener
  4. Infant formula
  5. First aid kit - Here's a complete packing list, but you can buy ready-made kits in drugstores and groceries.
  6. Every family member's prescription - anti-allergy medication, maintenance medication, birth control pills
  7. Radio
  8. Power banks
  9. Flashlights
  10. Extra batteries
  11. Whistles for every family member
  12. Emergency blankets for every family member and pet (the silver, low-bulk blanket that provides warmth)
  13. Laminated list of emergency numbers

Aside from those mentioned, these are 10 more items that you might want to include, too. Knowing that you have these things safely by your side will provide a sense of security.

  1. Important documents - Place passports, birth certificates, marriage certificate, land title, insurance papers, bank documents in a waterproof envelope.
  2. Set of clothes and underwear - In case you'll be needing to change into clean clothing.
  3. Alcohol and sanitizers - Considering the threat of COVID-19, it's important to have items that will keep your hands clean.
  4. Cloth masks - Another must-have to prevent catching COVID-19.
  5. Sanitary pads or tampons - Feminine care is always important!
  6. Diapers and diaper rash cream if you have infants
  7. A long sturdy rope - People could hold on to this in the dark or when the flood current is strong
  8. Matches - Store these in a waterproof container.
  9. Cutlery kits, paper plates, cups
  10. Cash - Place inside a waterproof container.
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Now that you've built your kit, it's crucial to place it in an area that family members are aware of. You should also rethink the needs of your household every year to see if the contents are relevant to the current needs of your family or if any consumables have expired.


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