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Erika Rae Poturnak On Loving Her Body: 'It's a long process but here's to the first step'

She's in the slow-but-sure process of not caring about what other people would say.
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Erika Rae Poturnak hasn't been in the spotlight for a long time, but she has already been the subject of scrutiny about her body. In October 2019, her mother Ina Raymundo defended her from comments insinuating she had a boob job. Ina made it clear that her daughter had no reason to be ashamed of her figure, "You have no idea how this made her insecure about her body but I’m happy that it’s not affecting her much anymore. She’s embracing what she has."


Recently, Erika posted on IG some bikini pictures of herself and shared her thoughts on body positivity.

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According to her, she has been in the slow-but-sure process of not caring about what other people would say about her figure. "Trying to unlearn and reject everything I’ve been fed about my body," she divulged.

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The 19-year-old singer also shared how it's easier for us to admire other people's beauty rather than putting ourselves first. "I’ve always been in awe of women who are so proud of their natural bodies and have the courage to flaunt it. Why do we have such admiration for other women’s beauty yet treat ourselves with such unkindness?"

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"Anyways [sic], it’s a long process but here’s to the first step," Erika concluded.


We love this for you, Erika!

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