7 Drinks You Need To Stop Buying NOW

Fruit juices can actually do more harm than good to your body.
1. Fruit juice 

Despite what the packaging may tell you, this does NOT provide an easy and convenient way to get in one or two of your 5-a-day fruits. Most shop-bought fruit juices are pasteurized (essentially boiled), which destroys a lot of the valuable nutrients while concentrating the sugars. The juice is also extracted from the whole fruit, leaving behind the fibrous part of the fruit that helps to slow sugar absorption into the blood. 

2. Soft drinks 

This is an obvious one, but did you know that just one can of Coke contains the equivalent to 8 teaspoons of sugar? That's more than your entire daily recommended sugar allowance, in just one drink. Does it satiate your appetite? No. Does it leave you wanting another? Yes.

3. ...and their diet versions

But don't be tempted to swap it for a can of Diet Coke. "Diet" drinks may be sugar free, but they contain artificial sweeteners, and research suggests that individuals who regularly consume these sweeteners are more likely to gain weight. Gram for gram, they can be up to 13,000 times sweeter than sugar, and this tends to drive sweet cravings that can actually lead you to eating more overall. 

4. Shop-bought smoothies  

Don't be conned into thinking that just because a drink is green, it must be healthy. Some smoothies actually contain MORE sugar than soda. As a general rule, avoid ambient smoothies (those that don't need refrigerating) which will have been heavily pasteurized and probably also have additional preservatives added. But even with those that are kept in the fridge, or claim to be "fresh", always always check the label! 

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5. Vitamin waters 
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