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OMG! You Can Now Get Ube Cheese Pan De Sal At 7-Eleven

BRB, running to the nearest branch!
PHOTO: Instagram/dimpysunofficial

It's so nice to wake up to good news! The ube cheese pan de sal , aka the unofficial top Pinoy snack during quarantine, has become more convenient to get! Before, we could only order these sweet buns from bakeshops, and we usually had to buy them by half the dozen, at least. Well, those who live alone can finally get their ube-cheese fix without spending a lot because the trending treat is now available in 7-Eleven stores.

They offer two variants—one is cream cheese-stuffed and the other is filled with ube jam and cheddar cheese—and both boast of soft ube bread. Each pack only costs P29.

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Dhey Chua (@dimpysunoffical) was one of the first people who has tried it. She revealed in an Instagram Direct Message exchange with Cosmopolitan Philippines her mini-review of 7-Eleven's ube cheese pan de sal: "It has a real ube halaya taste with the right amount of sweetness and the cheddar cheese in it is perfect. I’m very satisfied with their generous filling, and it’s only P29," . Okay, Dhey. You got us convinced! ;)

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BRB, running to the nearest 7-Eleven store!

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