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10 Soul-Satisfying Cookies In Metro Manila

PHOTO: instagram/theflourgirl

When it comes to desserts, cookies have a special place in our hearts for many reasons. It's the perfect bite for when you just want something sweet after a hearty meal. It can change your mood after a looong meeting or a fight with your partner. It's easier to store or carry around (unlike cake), and the joy of eating it lasts longer (unlike ice cream). And even when you come across one you don't particularly love or aren't impressed by, chances are, you won't throw it in the trash. Because, it's still a cookie, after all. 

If you're equipped with the skills to make yourselves cookies at home, we salute you. Seriously, we envy that skill. But, if you're just like us at Cosmo HQ, you probably just want a list of cookies you know won't disappoint. Here, we rounded up 10 different cookie spots for your next craving. 

  1. Mo' Cookies

    The classics are good, sure, but with cookies, Mo' is more! They've added something special to each of the classics, with South Cotabato Chocolate Fudge, White Chocolate Walnut, Triple Choco Mallow, and Nutella Crinkle. For the purists, there's also The Chocolate Chip and Naked Oatmeal. Mo' Cookies are known to be #biggerthanyourpalm and will seriously last you more than a day. But, in the off chance that you just want to nibble, they also have mini versions of their treats!

  2. Tochi

    Tochi is the dessert label of Japanese restaurant Ikomai. They develop new recipes based on what's in season, but one of their cookies has become a classic: the Macadamia Salted Caramel Cookiecrunchy outside, fudgy inside, baked fresh, giving Ikomai patrons a mouthwatering whiff of chocolate.

  3. The Bald Baker

    On the Bald Baker’s menu of 11 cookies, some are cheekily named (e.g. Basic Betch and Big Black Cookie), and each has a unique flavor, making it difficult to decide which to try first. Unexpected ones are the Compost, Milo Dino, and Salted Caramel.

  4. ADB

    The famed ADB Crinkles have always had an air of mystery about them, because what other cookie is guarded under maximum security? There's a limited number baked daily, and you can only get your hands on these five-inch wide, half-inch thick cookies if you work at ADB, have a friend there, or manage to be invited over for official business.

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  5. The Flour Girl

    Baking requires insane precision, and that's what The Flour Girl delivers, down to ensuring each #hundredgramcookie gets an equal amount of dough. She never delegates this task, which is why she bakes limited runs daily. Be it the Choco Peanut Butter, Choco Chip Walnut, White Chip Macadamia, Double Chocolate, or Oatmeal Raisin, you’re guaranteed a perfect hundred grams, and freshly baked deliciousness.

  6. Scout’s Honor

    Design your own cookie, sans measuring and cleaning up? What a concept for tamad girls! Whether it’s red velvet, matcha, or s’mores you crave, you can find it in cookie form here. You can order doggie treats so your furbaby can join in the fun, too!

  7. Classic Confections

    This is the place to go for sugar cookies in any design! Don't miss out on their drop cookies eiter, in Double Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, and Oatmeal Raisin. Classic Confections started as a bakeshop in Kapitolyo and Greenbelt. Their goodies are much more accessible now, in all Nono’s branches!

  8. Bakescout

    Bake Scout does Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookies day in and day outsoft, chewy, and sprinkled with sea salt. Get boxes of four, eight, 12 or 30, or jars of 12, 15, or 24. You can also order jar refills, and request for no plastic wrap if you’re trying to be sustainable!

  9. Twenty Four Bakeshop

    After rave reviews from family and friends, home baker AJ Francisco brought her online Tiny Bakeshop to life in Twenty Four Bakeshop. Get cookies literally fresh from the oven, baked before your eyes in an open kitchen. They have three staples: Chocolate Chip, Campfire S'mores, and Triple Chocolate, all made with Belgian dark chocolate.

  10. Aperitif

    For gooey cookies, look no further than Aperitif's Ooey Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie. Eat it in store to enjoy optimal gooeyness. As for the rest of your stash (you can buy boxes of four, six, or 12), just microwave for 15 seconds before eating. The same flavor comes in nibbler size, too, if you're feeling modest.


Got a favorite that's not on our list? Let us know!

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