The Reason Most Fast Food Chain Logos Are Yellow

Foody science?
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Have you ever wondered why McDonald's picked a yellow logo?

And come to think of it, Burger King's bun, the second half of Subway, and the line on the Pizza Hut sign are also that familiar shade of yellow.

Well, there's actually a very clever reason behind the choice of color. Apparently, most of us make a decision about whether to buy something in just 90 secondswhile between 62 percent and 90 percent of us make that decision based solely on color. Weird, right?

And with yellow commonly associated with feelings of warmth and comfortit's no wonder we feel happy as soon as we see those reliable logos.

It's also bright and eye-catching, so when paired with red, which apparently makes us feel hungry and impulsive, these fast food chains really have created a pretty unstoppable force.

Marketing adviser and founder of the Business Academy, Nikki Hesford told Metro: "Marketing is about connecting with people emotionally; creating stories, tapping into their hopes, dreams and insecurities. Color plays a leading role in that, due to how people subconsciously process them. Whether we are aware of it or not, colours have connotations and we make immediate judgements based on that.

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"If you choose colors that are inconsistent with your message, you risk confusing your audience and weakening your brand. For example, if you are a health food business you would want to select choices that reinforce your message such as green shades and earthy colors."

Mind. Blown. Who's craving fries?


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