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Here’s How Chefs Get The Soup Inside Your Xiao Long Bao

We know you're curious, too.
PHOTO: Instagram/moonlit_reel

The first time I ever had xiao long bao, I thought it was just like siomai so, of course, I shoved it in my mouth (just as my mom was warning me about the hot soup inside).

Burnt tongue aside, it was a delicious experience. I’ve always wondered how they got the soup in there. My initial theory was that they just used some type of syringe, but I’ve looked, and my xiao long baos never have holes! 

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As it turns out, brilliant dumpling magicians use gelatin! The soup in dumplings is made of stock that contains parts of the pig that are made of the most gelatin—like the feet and skin. The stock is boiled and then allowed to cool. Next, the gelatin is cut into cubes and then mixed with the ground pork that goes into the dumpling skin. And soon after, they’re steamed, and ready to be devoured! 

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BRB, eating my body weight in dumplings at DTF.  

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