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Miss Your Regular Cold Brew? Starbucks PH Reveals How You Can Make It At Home

No need to step out to get your coffee fix.

For a lot of us, a cup of coffee from our fave coffee shops has always been part of our daily routines. Unfortunately, since quarantine measures were put into place, we haven’t had the opportunity to get our ~*caffeine fix*~ from our go-to shops. 

The good news, however, is that Starbucks Philippines shared how we can all make our own cold brews at home, and it’s surprisingly…easy? (Not of all us are gifted in the coffee-making department unless we’re talking about 3-in-1, lol.) All you’ll need are:

  • Coffee grounds
  • A coffee press or a mason jar with a clean cloth
  • Water

Watch the full video here:

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Super easy, right?

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