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Indomie-Flavored Ice Cream Exists And Like You, We're Super Curious About It

I mean, if anything, it's a merienda you'll never forget.
Indomie-flavored ice cream

Just when you thought you've heard of every kind of ice creamYakult, Haw Haw, Chocnut, milk tea—but here's one that'll blow your mind. Holi Ice Cream introduced their Indomie Goreng-flavored ice cream on social media, and it took us a minute to absorb that information, lol. It even has fried onions sprinkled on top!

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Co-owners Evelyn Djoenaedi and Stephen Ganda told that they both love Indomie so much, and that's how they came up with the idea: "Usually after work, my partner and I really like to cook Indomie. We're also the type of people who need to have dessert after we finish our meal. So we usually eat out own homemade ice cream."

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One 300ml tub of ice cream costs $3 (roughly P147). Holi Ice Cream has other interesting flavors like Cheese Tea Brulee, Red Wine, and Biscoffee. 


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