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15 Instagram Captions For When You Post Food Photos

Now's the time to be witty!
PHOTO: Instagram/janinegutierrez

In every Instagram feed we look at, there's always at least one picture of food. If you want your food photo to *stand out*, take inspiration from these witty, punny, and adorable captions from your favorite celebs!

  1. "Life is short, eat the cronut" - Janine Gutierrez

    You can even make that two cronuts.

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  2. "Milkiest milk of my life" - Martine Ho

    That Japanese ice cream looks so YUM-MY.

  3. "Be loud. Be colorful. Live a little. Like this smoothie bowl!" - Elisse Joson

    We could all use a little color in our lives. Agree?

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  4. "A slice of sugar and fat, please." - Juliana Gomez

    We'll take three!

  5. "[insert emojis here]" - Catriona Gray

    When words escape you, emojis are your BFFs.

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  6. "There's always room for dessert." - Heart Evangelista

    SO TRUE.

  7. "Fresh" - Leila Alcasid

    Short, sweet, and concise! One-word captions are the best.

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  8. "O.M.G." - Bea Alonzo

    Abbreviations can also work to capture how you're feeling in the moment!

  9. "Let the food trip begin" - Anne Curtis

    Perfect for when you're traveling and tasting new dishes!

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  10. "I'm just a girl, sitting in front of a pancake, asking it to stop torturing me." - Coleen Garcia

    You can always tweak your favorite movie quote to make it applicable to food! ;)

  11. "Cookie connoisseur or cookie monster? Whatever it is, that's me." - Lovi Poe

    @Cookies By The Bucket, @Mrs. Fields, @Mo' Cookies.

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  12. "Yes, I eat like this." - Sofia Andres

    Be proud of that messy plate and half-empty cup!

  13. "Sorry for the times I've BEAN so CRABBY." - Pia Wurtzbach

    So cute!

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  14. "Manong ice cream, may gelato kayo with tinapay?" - Alex Gonzaga

    Very apt if you're homesick!

  15. "Counting the memories, not the calories." - Pia Wurtzbach

    Because calories don't count on the weekends (and Mondays to Fridays)!

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