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Khalil Ramos And Gabbi Garcia Will Inspire You To Make Your Own Iced Coffee ~Creations~

What a fun quarantine activity!
PHOTO: YouTube/Khalil Ramos

One of the things I miss the most when I was still working in my office was the number of coffee options available within walking distance. A tall glass of iced coffee gave that much-needed boost of energy. FWIW, this usually happened every Friday afternoon, when my brain began to feel like actual mush.

Since the quarantine began, however, I realized that getting my fave brew delivered to our house wasn't exactly a sustainable option. A better choice would be creating it by myself and becoming a ~home barista~. Khalil Ramos seems to have the same idea, too. In fact, he just started a new series on his YouTube channel called "Coffee with Kali." For its first episode, he decided to replicate some of Starbucks'bestselling drinks with girlfriend Gabbi Garcia


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For the drinks Khalil will be replicating, the couple decided to buy four of Starbucks' bestsellers: Mocha frappuccino, vanilla sweet cream cold brew, caramel macchiato, and its traditional brewed coffee. Khalil then had his younger brother, Sam, and Gabbi taste his version of the Starbucks' drinks. It's almost a 24-minute video, so we won't spoil the results for you, but let's just say Khalil can be a really good barista! ;)

Recreating Starbucks Drinks at Home! | #CoffeeWithKali | Khalil Ramos and Gabbi Garcia

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