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15 Shops Where You Can Buy Excellent Coffee Beans And Grounds

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Where To Buy Coffee Beans And Grounds
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Since it's not ideal to chill in cafés yet, a growing population of Filipinos is turning into home-brewers. More are finding joy in making their own coffee—including myself. There is just something about the process of brewing your own coffee that makes every cup special. Each serving is cheaper than what you buy at coffee shops, plus you get to customize the taste, too! 

Of course, when you're building your own coffee nook at home, you need to start with beans and grounds. Ahead, a list of the best shops where you can get them, in no particular order.


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  1. What's Up Brew


    What makes them special: Their coffee is sourced exclusively from the Cordillera region.

    What to get: Benguet Arabica, Kalinga Robusta, Italian Espresso

    Price range:  Coffee beans/grounds - P120/80g, P200/250g, P350/500g (Available in Fine Grounds, Coarse Grind, and Beans); Drip Coffee - P40/solo pack, Drip Coffee Bundle Pack - P330 (3 packs with 12 drip bags each)

    Where to buy: What's Up Brew Instagram account

    Where To Buy Coffee Beans And Grounds

  2. Kick-Start Coffee


    What makes them special: Kick-Start Coffee delivers high-quality and carefully blended roasts. It's made by Silca Coffee Roasting Company, one of the country's top suppliers of coffee to cafés, offices, restaurants, and more, for over 20 years.

    What to get: Brewed Awakening (100 percent Arabica medium-dark roasted coffee), Daily Lift (a blend of Arabica and direct trade Cavite Robusta coffee), and Philippine Barako

    Price range: P395 to P445 per bag

    Where to buy: Leading supermarkets nationwide

    Where To Buy Coffee Beans And Grounds

  3. Kape Isabel


    What makes them special: Kape Isabel offers 100 percent single-origin and pure premium coffee sourced from our Filipino farms.

    What to get: Barako, Arabica, Robusta, Hazelnut, Mocha, and Butterscotch (All available in beans, grounds, and drip variants)

    Price range: P180 to P250/250g, P340 to P450/500g, P650 to P850/1kg (beans and grounds); P35 to 40/solo, P120 to 150/6 packs, P230 to P280/12 packs (drip coffee)

    Where to buy: Kape Isabel Instagram account

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    Where To Buy Coffee Beans And Grounds

  4. El Union


    What makes them special: If you miss the coffee from El Union Coffee Shop in La Union, you must get one of their locally roasted single-origin grounds.

    What to get: Panama Bonita Springs, Brazil Machado, Sablan Natural, Let's Go Sliding, Atok Washed

    Price range: From P390 to P480 per bag

    Where to buy: El Union Website

    Where To Buy Coffee Beans And Grounds

  5. The Dream Coffee


    What makes them special: The Dream Coffee beans are grown in the same country, region, and municipality—without synthetic fertilizers.

    What to get: The Dream Coffee100% Single Estate, Single Origin Philippine Arabica

    Price range: P350/200g

    Where to buy: Dream Coffee Website, Real Food

    Where To Buy Coffee Beans And Grounds

  6. El Kapitan Coffee

    What makes them special: El Kapitan's online store is your one-stop-shop for all your coffee needs. They've coffee-making equipment, accessories, and of course, high-quality beans!

    What to get: Haru Suke (Ethiopia), Buf Nyarusiza - COE (Rwanda), Nossa Senhora - COE (Brazil), Nansebo Bulga (Ethiopia)

    Price range: P549 to 599/200g

    Where to buy: El Kapitan Instagram account

    Where To Buy Coffee Beans And Grounds

  7. Morning Habit


    What makes them special: Morning Habit Coffee gives that solid caffeine kick to help get you through a hectic day.

    What to get: Morning Habit No 10 Arabica Coffee Beans

    Price range: P380/250g, P740/500g

    Where to buy: Morning Habit Instagram

    Where To Buy Coffee Beans And Grounds


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  8. Bo's Coffee


    What makes them special: Bo's Coffee has always been a proudly Pinoy coffee shop. We suggest that you get any roast from their Philippine Coffee Origins line. Every purchase supports the livelihood of coffee farmers from Sagada, Benguet Mt. Kitanglad, Mt. Matumtum, and Mt. Apo.


    What to get: Philippine Coffee Origins and Bo's Coffee Blends

    Price range: P290 to P475 per bag

    Where to buy: Bo's Coffee website

    Where To Buy Coffee Beans And Grounds

  9. Yardstick Coffee


    What makes them special: This specialty coffee shop only sources the best coffee beans in the world, including the Philippines. They also conduct workshops and sell coffee equipment.

    What to get: Bagobo Tribe, Danilo Salazar, Golden Ticket, Switch

    Price range: P700/200g, P1,200/1kg

    Where to buy: Yardstick official website 

    Where To Buy Coffee Beans And Grounds

  10. Basilio


    What makes them special: Basilio Coffee takes pride in offering traceable Philippine-grown coffee. They're transparent with the locations where the beans come from.

    What to get: Dalisay Blend, Tinatangi Blend, Muni-Muni Blend

    Price range: P210 to P350/250g, P395 to P680/500g, P220 to P280/7 pieces Single Brew Set (Beans and grounds)

    Where to buy: Human Nature, Bote Central

    Where To Buy Coffee Beans And Grounds

  11. Firefly

    What makes them special: They've got beans and ready-to-drink coffee that are guaranteed to be fresh. Their Instagrammable aesthetic doesn't hurt, too! You can DM them to help find the best roast or blend for your taste.

    What to get: Ethiopia Masha, First Light

    Where to buy: Firefly Coffee Instagram account

    Where To Buy Coffee Beans And Grounds

  12. Commune


    What makes them special: If you miss the days you went to Commune to meet friends or find a silent sanctuary to finish a deadline, you must order their coffee. Just a whiff of it while it brews will take you back.

    What to get: Commune Blend, WFH (Seasonal Blend)

    Price range: P700 to P940/500g

    Where to buy: Commune Instagram account

    Where To Buy Coffee Beans And Grounds

  13. Kalsada Coffee


    What makes them special: Kalsada Coffee pays farmers over $1 per pound more than Fair Trade. They have open communication with coffee-farming communities so they can meet their needs.

    What to get: Sitio Naguey Naturals, Sitio Belis Washed

    Price range: P600/200g, P1,100/500g, P1,900

    Where to buy: Kalsada Coffee website

    Where To Buy Coffee Beans And Grounds

  14. Everyday Coffee

    What makes them special: Premium, freshly roasted beans and excellent customer service—those are what you'll get when you order from Everyday Coffee.

    What to get: Mount Apo, Davao; Kapangan, Benguet Province

    Price range: P500 to P575/200g, P1,500 to P1,725/1kg

    Where to buy: Everyday Coffee website

    Where To Buy Coffee Beans And Grounds

  15. The Good Cup Coffee Company


    What makes them special: If you want to take coffee brewing seriously, check out their site to find coffee, equipment, and brewing guides. They are home to the Philippines Brewers Cup Champions.


    What to get: Colombia Cerro Azul Natural Gesha - Competition Lot, Brazil Sul De Minas

    Price range: P700 to P2,000/500g

    Where to buy: The Good Cup Coffee website

    Where To Buy Coffee Beans And Grounds

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