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Matcha Pudding Is Our Newest Dessert Obsession

A matcha made in heaven.
PHOTO: Instagram/midoriph

Look, we get it. It’s hard to commit to a healthy lifestyle, especially if it means having to force-feed yourself with a kale smoothie or something equally unsatisfying—looking at you, zucchini pasta. But with matcha, it’s different. Not only is matcha the queen of antioxidants, it’s also fucking delicious! 

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That’s why we can’t stop snacking on Midori’s matcha soy pudding. It’s perfect as an on-the-go food or post-workout snack, and unlike several siesta foods out there, it won’t leave you feeling bloated. And if you need more convincing, Midori also sells their matcha soy pudding with dark chocolate or blueberries on top. 

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