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OMG, Vegan Luncheon Meat Exists Due To The COVID-19 Pandemic

Yes, you read that correctly.

According to a report by Plant Based News, a new vegan Spam exists. This guilt-free luncheon meat is called the "Omnipork Luncheon,"  which is now available in Hong Kong and will soon roll out this summer in other markets. David Yeung, the founder of Omnifoods, announced this in an Instagram post a few days ago. The company is also launching another plant-based product that can be a substitute for pork shoulder.

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Omnifood's Omnipork Luncheon claims to be free of cholesterol and carcinogenic nitrates. This product is also said to be 49 percent lower in fat and 62 percent lower in sodium compared to Spam and other pork-based canned goods.

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Yeung addresses the link between carnism and pandemics such as the coronavirus. He says, "coronavirus is not the first disease and [it] won't be the last to affect us unless we change our diet."

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