10 Incredibly Delicious Restaurants To Try In Baguio

Are you looking for amazing restaurants to try in Baguio? We've got you covered.
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Trendy vacation spots come and go, but Baguio has remained a go-to for decades. It may be the thrill of shopping for silver, walis tambo, or flowers. It may be the inggit factor whenever someone else brings home a loaf of raisin bread, a jar of ube jam, or a batch of alfajores. It may be the nostalgia of a childhood spent in Wright Park on horseback, or in Burnham Park on a boat, on a bike, or on skates.

Whatever your reason for visiting Baguio, you'll need sustenance. Here's a roundup of places to go for just that!

  1. Amare La Cucina

    Amare La Cucina is worth visiting each time you're in the City of Pines, and that's despite having opened a branch in Kapitolyo, Pasig. Whether in Baguio or Manila, nobody says no to a Neapolitan-style brick-oven pizzaand the opportunity to toss the dough and add the toppings yourself! Go for the classic Margherita if you're craving comfort food, plus the Nutella Pizza to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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  2. Lemon and Olives

    This charming Greek restaurant is located away from the bustling Baguio crowds. Its unique design is a cross between Greece’s tavernas and Baguio's log cabins. Sitting on the terrace gives you a breathtaking view of pines as you enjoy a plate of Souvlaki or Gyros. Save space for the Baklava Cheesecake, another prime example of how Lemon and Olives brings together two unlikely partners!

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  3. Hill Station

    We’re not the only ones who flock to Baguio for cooler weather; our Western colonizers did the same. Baguio was named the only Hill Station during the American regime, when it served as a respite from the heat of Manila. Asian and Western dishes alike are available on their menu, which you can enjoy next to their huge windows, or by the iconic double staircase.

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  4. Café by the Ruins

    Café by the Ruins opened in the '80s where the city's first garden theater once stood. Ironically, it ended up in ruins a second time when it was hit by a fire in 2017. It has since reopened, this time with modern industrial-style interiors. Its original facade remains, as does its policy on cooking with locally-sourced ingredients from as close as the Baguio City Market and as far as Davao. Pick up some camote bread before you go!

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  5. Kung Jeon Korean Palace

    This gem is located right next to Camp John Hay. For starters, it's huge, with rooms within rooms in which you can sit down with a group of friends around a portable grill. Kung Jeon Korean Palace is all about K-BBQ done simply, but done well. Meats are well marinated, and sides are provided generously. End your meal with a taste of Korean ice cream!

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  6. Oh My Gulay

    With Baguio being a popular source of fresh vegetables, it should come as no surprise that this vegetarian haven sits right along Session Road. Famed filmmaker Kidlat Tahimik set up this restaurant and art space, which, even if it's located on the fifth floor of a small building, makes you feel as though you are inside a grown-up playground or park. Oh My Gulay also boasts of an incredible permanent exhibit of Baguio artist Victor Oteyza's work.

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  7. Ili-Ilkha Artist Village

    A more recent Kidlat Tahimik concept, Ili-Likha Artist Village is an overgrown treehouse with endless nooks and crannies (read: Instagram spots!) that represent Baguio's culture. Explore the treehouse at your leisure before settling on a spot to enjoy your meal at. The Kiwing na Kahoy Food Community is a group of vendors located across the treehouse, all providing different dishes created with nutritious, affordable, MSG-free meals!

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  8. Vizco's

    Why limit yourself to just the fresh strawberries you can pick in La Trinidad and buy at the market, or even the strawberry-flavored taho you might chance upon on the street? Vizco's is all about strawberry shortcake, and generations of Baguio visitors agree no one does it better.

  9. Café Sabel

    You may recognize some parts of BenCab museum from That Thing Called Tadhana. When you're done exploring the art collections, the closest place for a refreshment is Cafe Sabel, which is actually part of the museum. A couple of art pieces have made their way into the cafe as well, but it's the garden view that's really a showstopper here.

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  10. Mama's Table

    For special occasions, Mama's Table is the place to book for private dining. It features a cabin-type house that is both cozy and spacious. While waiting for the rest of your party, you can explore the gardens, or enjoy the fireplace. Chef Vicky Tinio Clemente will take you through a one-of-a-kind experience as she explains each dish, of her fine dining tasting menu, which starts with an appetizer board of Baguio breads and signature spreads.

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