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This Famous Vegan YouTuber Got Caught Eating Fish And People Are Pissed

Yovana Mendoza aka Rawvana has issued an apology.

First, drama set the beauty community on fire in 2018. Then, mukbangers started feuding over copyright striking. Now, vegans are up in arms over a famous YouTuber who, after promoting veganism and essentially making money off the movement, got caught eating fish. FYI, here's the difference between vegetarianism and veganism: Veganism is actually a form of vegetarianism. Veganism nowadays can be considered an exclusive category and can be differentiated from vegetarianism in terms of which animal-derived products are considered acceptable.

Yovana Mendoza, more commonly known as Rawvana, was seen consuming fish in another vlogger's video. See below:

In the video, she seems semi-alarmed or at the very least, uncomfortable about being on camera, and people in the comment section speculate it's because she was trying to hide her food. 

After the video went viral, Yovana posted an apology on her YouTube channel, telling her followers that she started consuming eggs and fish again two months ago—for health reasons. 

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After six years of veganism, she revealed that her doctors have advised her to move away from the strict diet because she had small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). At some point during her vegan diet, right after a 25-day water fast, she lost her period, which she later found out a red flag. 

Unfortunately, her followers are now angrier because it appears as if Yovana continued to promote veganism even if it was harmful for her body. Yovana told BuzzFeed, "I do feel this diet has incredible benefits, and the vegan lifestyle brings a greater awareness to the way we live our life that we can all learn from and grow."

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