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Getting You Healthy From The Inside Out

Sometimes, eating the right food is not enough. If you're serious about kickstarting a healthier lifestyle, read on as Cosmo tells you about a special kind of fiber you need.
Dulcofiber1M.jpgAs early as kindergarten, you were taught about the three basic food groups that you need to stay healthy. You need food that gives you energy, like carbohydrates and sugars. You need food that helps your body grow (and grow strong), rich in protein and calcium. You need food that helps you maintain your glow of health, like vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables. It's one of the few lessons no one ever really forgets.

But what we aren't taught is that while we might be getting these things from the food we eat, we're also ingesting things that we don't want.

Potato chips might be yummy, and they do fall under the carbohydrate category, but they are deep fried in unhealthy oil (and unhealthy fat—because while our bodies need fat, not all fat is good) that some might not be able to digest as easily as others. They're also loaded down with lots of salt. (Two words, ladies: water retention.)

Anything deep fried, no matter how healthy it might be when it's raw, becomes suffused with fat when you cook it in that oil.

Red meat might be high in protein, but some of it could also be high in saturated fat, which will alter your cholesterol levels and eventually make you more susceptible to heart problems.

Does this mean that you can't eat your favorite food anymore? Of course not. You just have to take the bad with the good and eat as well as you can. If you want to stay healthy but don't want to drastically change your diet, one way of helping yourself is to ingest higher quantities of dietary fiber.

Dietary fiber improves your digestive health. It will help you regularly flush out (literally) toxins, waste, and other things your body doesn't need. It also helps you feel fuller for longer, so you don't eat as much.

You can get dietary fiber from foods like legumes (beans), some kinds of vegetables, whole grain foods, nuts, and some kinds of fruit. But if you're not a fan of fruits and vegetables, you can also make your life a little easier and get it from a daily fiber supplement like Dulcofiber.

dulcoprod.jpgDulcofiber is a natural fiber supplement that contains Glucomannan, a "smart fiber*" that helps restore the natural balance and rhythm in your stomach. It helps your digestive system do a better job of maintaining regularity, and it helps take out what's unnecessary for your body, leaving behind the essential nutrients your body needs to stay in great condition.

Whatever you eat, though, whether it's the healthiest of vegetarian fare, the greasiest of junk food, or a mix of everything, make sure that whatever nutrients your food contains actually stay in your body. You can take Dulcofiber (which comes in easily water-soluble powder form, in very convenient sachets) up to twice a day to help your digestive system stay in tip-top shape.

Of course, the best way to get healthy is to eat healthy. A supplement is called a supplement because it's there to support an ideally existing healthy lifestyle, not replace it. It might not be the solution, but it's definitely something that will help you work toward your goal: a better you, inside and out.

*Creative description only

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