Here's Your Horoscope For The Week Of November 4

What are the stars saying this week?

Tensions rise and flare up this week with the Mars-Pluto Square happening in the skies. The stars talk you into handling your discomfort properly, and give you something to hold onto as we flow through Mercury retrograde.


Something’s bugging you and you can’t seem to point a finger at what exactly. And that’s cool—Aries is not unfamiliar with all the discomfort that anger, irritation, and downright annoyance can bring. While you may not be able to do anything about whatever’s triggering this tension, you could do something productive with it. Channel all that Mars energy into a boxing session, a 12-hour workday where you become the most efficient person your boss has ever laid eyes on, or a spontaneous Tagaytay drive.

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Even the littlest things that tick you off can easily downward spiral into huge arguments if you aren’t careful. A small rant session with your coworker may seem harmless to you, but remember—anything that comes out of your mouth can (and will) be used against you eventually. Pay close attention to your tendency to go over the top with your comments about others and stay away from anyone who’s instigating your inner need to gossip. Say no to chismis.

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Your love life is heating up this week, Gemini, and not in a sizzling, romance novel-worthy way. Disagreements can crop up between you and your partner and random bouts of jealousy may drive you up the wall. You’re normally so chill about your relationship that this little tiff can seem like it’s coming out of nowhere. Do whatever is necessary to keep yourself from going overboard with your suspicions. When you want to throw a kontrabida fit, hold it back, and be kind.

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While everyone else in the zodiac is suffering from escalating tension, you know exactly how to spin this hyped up energy into something pretty positive (good for you!). If you’re in a relationship, tension can sizzle and turn all sorts of sexy—just be careful that you don’t go too far; breakup sex isn’t always the best idea. If you’re finding yourself impossibly attracted to someone from work, use this pent-up tension to turn your flirt on. Whatever’s happening, just go with it. 

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Halloween’s over, Leo! It’s time to take the focus off of you and turn it on others instead. When you feel like someone’s trying to one-up you at work, or if you feel like someone’s trying to work their way into your relationship to ruin this good thing you’ve got, take a breath before launching your attack. Everyone’s going through their own little dramas and it might not serve anyone for you to pounce. Kalma lang! Be the kind-hearted person you know you can be. A little understanding is good for everyone.

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It’s time to say, “Tama na” when your Virgo tendency to analyze and inspect all the details kicks in. Just for this week, let your intuition lead and surrender control. Let your gut speak to you and listen to all the signs your body gives—goose bumps, tingles, and shivers up your spine are all clues! Right now, they’re going to serve you much better than your brain ever has. If you’ve been experiencing some setbacks in your love life, this is the perfect time to tune into your heart.

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You’re typically known for keeping it together and staying poised even through a tense situation. Not this week, Libra. Because puno ka na—whether it’s because you’ve been keeping your feelings for someone a secret for super long, or whether it’s because some people at work have been pushing all your buttons in the worst way possibleyou’re going to discover this week that if you hold everything back for one more second, sasabog ka na talaga. Take care when expressing yourself!

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If there’s anyone who’s actually enjoying this week’s very intense energy, it would be you, Scorpio. Your deeply sinister side can’t resist some deliciously dramatic fallouts. Just be careful—your off the cuff comments and enabler tendencies could bring everyone’s inner demons out. On one hand, it’ll be good to have everyone’s beef with each other out in the open. On the other hand, you could be asking for trouble where it’s not needed. Stay on your lane and mind your own biz.

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This week will have you playing referee as you seem to be surrounded by all sorts of struggles everywhere in your life. Let people know that they can channel all this competitive, willful, ultra-determined energy into their fave UAAP team instead of bringing in all the drama to their personal lives. People will need you to be their voice of reason—do whatever you can to help people out of their low vibe tendencies. But also, step away when you feel the energy becoming too much to handle.

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Just focus on yourself, and your own workhorse efforts, Capricorn. Even if you’re working with a pretty good team, hindi lang talaga sila maaasahan—at least while Mercury retrograde is going on. Just keep your head down, forget all the missed deadlines, incompetent turnovers, and team drama that’s happening and focus on getting the work done. Eyes on the prize. Nothing’s going to get done if no one’s handling things professionally. Lucky for everyone, you’re the best pro there is.

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People may seem to be purposely pushing your buttons this week and it’s taking all your energy to not snap back or subtweet the hell out of them. Breathe easy, Aquarius. Some people just don’t get it. Good news? Not everyone has to agree with you. Leave everyone who’s just making things difficult for you in the dust and pursue your own magic the best way you know how. If the Universe is giving you signs to drop certain people from your life, listen. ‘Wag na pumatol.

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The challenge for you this week, Pisces, is to find your secret superpower and hang on to it for dear life. The urge to measure yourself up to other people’s standards is extra great and it may take all your efforts not to cave. It’ll be worth it to fight the impulse to compare. Once you hone in on what makes you unique, different, and occasionally even better than others, you’ll live through this season (and even this entire year) with your head held high. You never give yourself enough credit. Change that bad habit now.

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