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10 Things To Do In Tagaytay If You've Been Dying To Go Back

Are you missing sweater weather? It's time for another weekend trip to Tagaytay!
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Are you a thrill-seeker, kid at heart, or just someone who really enjoys pampering herself? Whatever it is you're into, the Tagaytay is ready to welcome you back because it caters to every kind of traveler. Your dream weekend getaway is just a couple of hours away from the busy city. Below are 10 things you need to do in Tagaytay!

  1. Check out Museo Orlina's glass sculptures and more.

    Cameras at the ready, girls! Be mesmerized by world-renowned artist Ramon Orlina's glass sculptures at his (and Tagaytay's) very own museum-slash-amphitheater-slash-music center. Enjoy four floors filled with diverse works of art by Orlina and guest exhibitors. You can also join fellow art enthusiasts at the annually-held Tagaytay Art Beat.

  2. Are you fond of puzzles? Then Puzzle Mansion is a must-visit!

    Feast your eyes on the largest jigsaw puzzle collection in the country! Owned by the late globetrotter-slash-hobbyist Gina Gil Lacuna, Puzzle Mansion is home to over 1,000 jigsaw puzzle sets she has completed over the years, including 3D puzzles, crystal puzzles, and painting puzzles featuring the works of Pablo Picasso, Georges Seurat, and Leonardo da Vinci.

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  3. Try the zipline at Picnic Grove.

    ICYDK yet, there are more fun activities you can do at Picnic Grove other than having a picnic with family and friends! Measuring 300 feet above the ground and 250 meters long, the zipline is definitely a must-try for adrenaline junkies. Other fun activities include horseback riding (a classic), a cable car ride, or just a scenic walk along the eco trail, preferably with a refreshment of some sort (buko shake, anyone?).

  4. Trek to Taal Volcano for an incredible view. 

    Why settle for a scenic view of Taal Volcano from afar when you can hike to the crater lake and get up close and personal with one of nature’s amazing wonders? Get ready for a one-of-a-kind adventure by boat, by foot, and/or by horse (yes, that is an option en route to the crater), and bask in the wondrous beauty of Taal Volcano. 

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  5. Unleash your inner child at Sky Ranch.

    Relive your childhood with Sky Ranch's wide variety of familiar-yet-irresistible rides such as the Sky Eye (the second tallest Ferris wheel in the country), Super Viking, and Sky Cruiser, as well as smaller rides fit for real kids (hehe). An afternoon in Sky Ranch is sure to bring back great memories of amusement parks, pure bliss, and innocence. *sigh*

  6. Go see some animals at Paradizoo and ZooRI.

    If you also grew up visiting zoos and seeing different kinds of animals then you might want to include Paradizoo and ZooRI (Zoo at Residence Inn) in your itinerary. Spend time with all kinds of lovely and healthy animals, from farm-raised (horses, chickens) to wild ones (lions, monkeys) to aerial creatures (eagles) to reptiles (snakes, iguanas) to sea creatures (fishes). You’re welcome.

  7. Pamper yourself at Qiwellness Living.

    What better way to relax than to sit back and enjoy a soothing massage while admiring Taal Lake from afar, am I right? Qiwellness Living offers this experience and more. Choose from their extensive massage and spa services, or try the famous “Yin Yang Experience,” which includes a six-course menu, a one-hour massage, and a half-hour use of hot and cold soaking pools to complete your peaceful sensorial journey.

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  8. Hoard all-natural beauty products from Ilog Maria.

    If you’re obsessed with health and beauty products but don’t want to break the bank (I know the feeling, girl!), visit Ilog Maria and I’m sure you won’t go home empty-handed. This bee farm offers all-natural, handmade, and definitely-cheaper soaps, cleansers, lotions, lip balms, oils, etc. made from bee products (beeswax, honey, bee milk). Go for organic!

  9. Book an Airbnb, and do what you do best: CHILL. 

    Who wants a cozy staycation so you can focus on your favorite hobby: "Netflix and chill." If you feel the same (I know you do, girl), check out this growing list of homey Airbnb options and maximize your R&R with picturesque views, a comfy bed, and of course, Netflix.

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  10. Splurge on your favorite plants at Mahogany Market.

    If you love being around some form of nature, you'll undoubtedly enjoy Mahogany Market's wide array of plants and flowers. Whatever kind you needfrom herbs like cilantro and basil, to potted plants like cactus, jellybeans, and echeveria, to flowers like roses and zinniasyou can get your plant fix here at more affordable prices.

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