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How To Make Your Guy More Romantic

Some boyfriends’ definition of romance is taking you to a burger joint for a date. Show him how he can be sweeter.
Dish some insight. “Be clear about what makes you feel special,” says Susan K. Perry, PhD, author of Loving in Flow—especially if your desires tend to change. “If jewelry gifts once did it, but now all you want is a quiet dinner with him, let him know.”

Inspire a repeat performance. First, set the scene for a little intimacy—whether it’s a picnic or cocktails by candlelight. “Then tell him how much you’re enjoying yourself,” says Perry, “just in case he doesn’t get the hint.” He’ll be encouraged to repeat these actions once he sees how happy you are and realizes his chances of getting lucky have increased…dramatically!

Pay attention. You may have very different ideas of what romance actually is. “For men, it’s often looking after their partner.” So while you’re pining for flowers, he’s lovingly filling your car with fuel. The key: Tell him what you want, but also appreciate the sweet gestures he comes up with on his own.

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