Kiss Holiday Blues Goodbye In 7 Ways

On solo flight this holiday season? Beat the blues away with these winning plans for enjoying the rest of the holidays and welcoming the New Year with a bang.

Did the Christmas bells make you feel bitter, the carols make you cringe, and the cold Christmas nights leave you crying? Then you're probably one of the many Cosmo chicks suffering from a cold, cruel holiday season.

Unfortunately, the season does create "single moments" and can leave many solo sirens sobbing. "Holidays can produce moments of acute depression. There's a feeling that ‘everyone's having a good time except me,'" shares Lynn Shahan, author of Living Alone & Liking It! Alison James, author of I Used to Miss Him...but My Aim is Improving: Not Your Ordinary Breakup Survival Guide, agrees: "These ‘single moments' happen when some situations make you so uncomfortable about being single that you wish a monster would rear its ugly head and bite off your ringless finger." We bet those Christmas reunions where all your relatives kept asking when you're getting married (when you don't even have a boyfriend yet!) didn't help, too.

Before drowning your depression in party drinks and turning into Scrooge, "understand that the season will not last forever. You can make it through," encourages Shahan. All it takes to shake off the holiday blues is "the effort to make being alone more an experience of living and less an experience of isolation." "The best way to tackle a ‘single moment' is to recognize it for what it is and then to counter it by reminding yourself of all the perks of singlehood," suggests James.

With these thoughts in mind, we dare you to indulge in these Cosmo-coined solo treats and transform those humbugs into hallelujahs as we welcome a promising New Year.

Solo Trip 1: Tidy Up All The Holiday Mess

Clean your closet, room, or pad and rid it of things you haven't used in the past six months. Also, straighten up your house, which was probably rampaged after all those family reunions and barkada inumans, as you brace yourself for a fresh new round of parties come New Year--this time with a more positive attitude.

Let the holiday spirit chase your seasonal sadness away. "When you treasure your space, you build your world into a place that reflects your style, preferences, and values. You fully celebrate your life as an independent goddess," chirps James.

Solo Trip 2: It's Time To Give Yourself The Best Gift Ever

Now that you're done Christmas shopping and have given away all your gifts, go ahead: Splurge on yourself and grab that digicam you've been eyeing or those designer jeans that make your bum look great. Now's the time to tick off your wishlist and fulfill your heart's desires. "Purchase a luxury item--something you really want but have hesitated to buy for yourself. Being alone has its good points--like being able to spoil yourself," says Shahan.

Solo Trip 3: Whip Up A Gourmet New Year's Eve Feast for Yourself

Just because you're dining solo on New Year's Eve doesn't mean you should settle for takeout tiras or your mommy's pabaon. Why not try being a holiday connoisseur? Experiment on some recipes of your fave dishes and savor the experience of solo dining (read: you only prepare what you like to eat). Shahan says that a party for one has nothing but positive possibilities: "It can lend an added dimension to an otherwise routine activity; it can add a little spice to an otherwise uneventful evening; and it can be an opportunity to be kinder to [yourself] and have a little fun at the same time."

Solo Trip 4: Make The Most Of The Days Off And VLs

If you were on holiday break beginning December 24 up to January 3, lucky you. Now, take advantage of this rare long break. Whether it's to travel to a distant locale or hole up in a hotel, plan a solo adventure that can cure you of your Christmas critters. "If you can afford [to visit] a faraway tropical paradise, by all means go," suggests James. "However, if a day trip is all you have time and money for, you can still glean great benefits. Traveling doesn't have to be costly, and you don't need to go too far to gain the perspective you need."

Solo Trip 5: Be The Bearer Of Good Tidings

Volunteer at a local orphanage or arrange goodie bags for street kids as a post-Christmas treat. "Putting yourself in the service of others helps you to get outside of yourself and takes your mind off your problems," affirms Shahan. Plus, doing so won't only make you feel better about your Christmas, but will also help banish others' holiday blues.

Solo Trip 6: Attend All The Holiday Reunions, Yuletide Feasts, And New Year's Buffets

Even if you don't have a steady date for the season's smashing shindigs, this isn't an excuse to go on a ho-ho hibernation. While you should learn to cherish your solo situation, "too much alone time isn't good for anyone," warns Shahan. Go out and mingle with merry folk and you'll find that you'll soon be feeling cheerier. "Human companionship breaks monotony, creates balance, and makes time alone easier to enjoy," she explains.

Solo Trip 7: Plan Next Christmas

While you're busy enjoying this season solo (thanks to the tips listed above), why not look ahead and plan next year's Christmas? List the changes you'd like to make and daydream about the big moves you'll be doing this coming year that'll guarantee that next Christmas is more spectacular. Jot down the career shifts you're planning, big makeovers you want to undergo, and even romantic dreams you're hoping to fulfill. "This can help you build confidence in yourself and forget the things in your past that make you unhappy," assures James. "Because you're a sassy single, you have the luxury of freedom. You are free to go where you want to go, [dream what you want to dream], and you can explore new horizons with nothing holding you back."

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