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How To Take Pretty Photos In Natural Light

Let the light in.
PHOTO: instagram/ylonagarcia

Every day, people on the Internet create countless filters for the 'gram. For a while, every Story had a grainy filter, creating that *vintage* look we now want. But even with all these options, very few are as flattering as taking a picture in natural light. There's just something oddly comforting, almost romantic about it. 

Here, we show you the many ways natural light can elevate your IG game. 

Take advantage of the rays and get that beauty shot.

Highlight all of your outfit’s deets.

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For when you don’t have energy to go outside: Sit in front of your window, and let the light beam on your pretty face. 

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Don’t know what to do with your hands? The sakit ng ulo pose is a foolproof way to look effortlessly chic. 

The kunwari nag-aayos ng buhok is also a ~classic~.

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Turn your head sidways, and allow the sunrays hit all the high points of your face. 

Having a hard time with the harsh sunlight? Put on your trusty sunglasses. 

You can also lessen the silaw by covering the heat with your hands.

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Or casually look down.

Close your eyes, and soak up the sun.

Shy girls, take note: Cross your arms and look away. 

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For an artsy feed-filler shot (aka for when you already have too many photos of your face), shoot a pic of your shadow on the concrete. 


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