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10 Pinays Who'll Make You Want To Change Your Tamad Lifestyle

These girls serve as major motivation!
PHOTO: nicolewinhoffer

As much as we love memes and posts about puppies, help yourself stay motivated so you can actually achieve your fitness goals this year. Ahead are ten fit Pinays whose Instagram accounts will encourage you to hit the gym, or at least, get off your ass—stat! 

1. @nkitorres

Nikki is one of our favorite fitness enthusiasts out there, but what we love most about her is how she reminds us to own our body's abilities at whatever fitness level we're in. 

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2. @kayleenortiz

Pole dancing is no easy feat, but Kayleen is walking proof that true fitness is all about pushing boundaries.  

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3. @gohingmelissa

While Netflix and chill is undeniably wonderful, Melissa's infectious energy will make you want to enjoy the outdoors more. 

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4. @idatparas

Ida's the perfect inspiration for a balanced life of fitness and fun! And by fun, we mean, she drinks vodka... <3

5. @littlemisspatricia

Patricia's flexing up a storm! We're so impressed by how much this girl lifts. 

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6. @annamanalastas

We can't help but move whenever we scroll through our feed and see Anna's latest yoga post. S-T-R-E-T-C-H!

7. @nicolewinhoffer

Nicole's no-nonsense approach to fitness really pays off, ladies. Steal her moves for a killer bod. 

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8. @hilaryisaac

This badass lady is a mother, so say goodbye to all your excuses.

9. @kikayrunner

Need a little push to hit the trail, track, or road? Noelle is your girl. 

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10. @ibanzon

Ian's amazing arms are not to be missed!

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