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5 Possible Reasons Your Plants Keep Dying

And what you can do differently.
Side by side photos: On the left are two potted houseplants and on the right is a closeup of a plant with crispy leaves

As wonderful as they are to look at and to have around, taking care of plants can be pretty challenging at first. Even when you think you've armed yourself with enough knowledge to keep an indoor plant alive, one mistake can cause it to die young. So if you've lost one of your plants and you're feeling a little guilty, remember that it's a process. It happens. And there's still so much to learn. Here are a few possible reasons why houseplants die; keep these in mind if you're planning to grow your home garden. 

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How To Water Your Plants Properly

  1. Over or under watering

    You might think that watering your plants daily is the right thing to do, but actually, more plants die of over watering than dehydration (or under watering). I know, I only found out recently, too. Most houseplants are easier to take care of than you may think, only needing to be watered once every five days. But of course, it's safer to just check how much water your specific plant needs.

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  2. Improper drainage

    Root rot happens when you water your plant too much. As the name suggests, it's when waterlogged roots start to decay. Old soil, for example, can retain water at the bottom of the pot even when the top part is dry. To prevent this from happening, make sure the pot you bought has drainage holes. Afterwards, empty the tray so your potted plant isn't sitting on water. 

  3. Too much sunlight

    I know what you're thinking: Growing up, didn't they tell us that plants need a lot of sunlight and water? Who knew plant care was actually more complicated than that. If you leave your plant baby under harsh, direct sunlight, its leaves might turn brown and crispy. The good news is that a lot of plants thrive in low-light environments, which might be a good thing for a newbie halamom

  4. Not repotting

    Like people, plants are all different: Some plants can survive in the same pot with the same soil for a year or two, but eventually, root-bound plants will stop getting the nutrients they need from that soil. 

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  5. Moving them too often

    Yes, this is a thing! Try not to move your plants too much—like even if it's from the corner of your bedroom to a spot by the window. Plants are a creatures of habit so moving them often might be too stressful. 


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