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8 Things In Your Life That Are Better Than A Boyfriend

Like your kilay!
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1. Your dream job

Yes, some people have both: a boyfriend and a dream job. But tbh, it's so much more important to get your shit together before you commit yourself to another person. Being passionate and slaying at work will give you more confidence, and frankly, more security—and we all know that combo's sexy as hell.

2. Your boss/mentor

How many of your peers complain about their bosses? Off the top of my head, I can already name seven friends who can't stand their supervisors. You may not realize it, but having a boss who doubles as your mentor is such an awesome bonus. A boss who cares about your career trajectory is a game-changer.

3. Your (growing) emergency fund

If you've read (and followed) most of our articles about money, then hopefully, you've started putting some aside for your emergency fund. We know how impossible it feels to come up with the suggested six months' worth of income, but keep at it. Financial security is something not most millennials think about, but if you have, then good for you!

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4. Your friends

Sometimes, we get caught up in whining about our singlehood that we forget about all the amazing people we have in our lives. Someone once told me that a compliment from a friend doesn't feel as good as a compliment from a potential boyfriend. ESQUEEZE ME? Please, if you feel the same way, it's time to check yourself. Your friends shouldn't be seen as consolation prizes. Plus, girl, compliments are fantastic no matter whom it comes from.

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5. Your cool parents

If you have parents who support you—we mean emotionally, not financially—then you've got a pretty sweet deal at home. We're not saying you have to agree on everything, but if they're willing to hear you out and adjust, that's more than what most people have.

6. Your kilay

No, this isn't shallow. Kilay is life. On days when you just don't have the time or energy to put on a face, all you gotta do is work those brows. If you're blessed with Lily Collins-esque eyebrows, then you're set. And if you're not, we applaud you even more for having the skills to literally create art on your face. ;)

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7. Your orgasms

Before you cut us off, we obviously know you can have orgasms with a boyfriend, but when you're flying solo, you never EVER have to fake it. While we're not saying that you should be faking it with a guy, sometimes we just don't want to hurt their feelings or have the complicated talk, so we throw them a bone. Bullshit like that doesn't exist when it's just you + a vibrator.

8. Your freedom

When you're in a great relationship, yes, you still have a lot of freedom. But it's definitely not the same freedom you have when you're single. You're obligated to consider someone else's opinions and preferences when you have a boyfriend. And while that's not necessarily a bad thing, you might actually miss singlehood when The One comes along, so don't take it for granted. 

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