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5 Things That'll Help You Get The Best Sleep Of Your Life This Weekend

Weekends are for sleeping so rest well and recharge.
a collage of things to help you sleep better: pajamas, pillows, essential oil, sleeping mask
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Young Living, Private Storey, Instagram/manicpixiedreamwear, Furniture Source Philippines

Science says that sleeping in on weekends doesn't really make up for the hours of sleep you lost during the week, and while that may be true, that's not going to stop us from sneaking in a nap or two on a cool Saturday afternoon.

Lately, it might seem like your work hours are longer (or endless), and even when you try to sleep in, your mind's too busy trying to figure out your to-do list for the day. As a result, bumabangon ka na lang din kahit pagod ka pa. In a way, kahit nakakatulog ka, yung quality of sleep, hindi pa rin maganda. Below are some things that might help you get some much needed shut-eye. 

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Sleeping mask

Some people sleep best when the room is pitch black. But unless you have blackout curtains, it's not always possible to attain that. The next best thing, and quite frankly, cheaper alternative, is to get yourself a reliable sleeping mask. 

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an aqua sleeping mask

Private Storey Sleeping Mask, P275,

New pillows

Alam mo yung feeling na mali yung tulog mo 'cause you feel some discomfort in your neck? Your pillow might be to blame. To figure out if it's time to buy a new one, try folding your pillow in half and check if it bounces back. Don't underestimate the power of a really, really good pillow when it comes to quality of sleep.  

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a plain, white pillow

Skoldblad Pillow, P295,

Weighted blanket

Designed to mimic deep pressure stimulation (DPS), weighted blankets help calm your nervous system down, improving your mood and relieving your anxiety in the process. 

a weighted blanket that's rolled up
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Blanket Hugs Weighted Blanket, P5,999 (15 lbs), The Blanket Hug

Essential oils

I've only recently discovered the magic of essential oils, and I can't believe it took me this long! I add a few drops into a diffuser and fall asleep feeling like I'm about to have the best dreams. 

a bottle of lavender essential oil
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Young Living Lavender Essential Oil, P1,830 (15 ml),

Comfier clothes

Imagine taking your bra off for the weekend and slipping into sleepwear that feels like clouds. If that's an old, oversized T-shirt you've had for years, we *totally* get it. But if you want to try something a little more ~luxe~, we support that, too! 

a comfy emerald pajama set
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Manic Pixie Dream Wear Emerald set, P695, @manicpixiedreamwear


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