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6 Pedestrian-Friendly Cities You Have To Visit At Least Once

There's nothing like being on foot when you want to immerse yourself in a place.

Being on foot allows you to feel, smell, and hear a place. Walking in a city also gives you the chance to greet or mingle with the locals, since it’s such a open and friendly act. There are no physical boundaries when you’re walking unlike when you’re riding a car.

Here are six pedestrian-friendly cities you’d want to visit depending on what you want in a vacation:

Hong Kong

Highlights: Bustling streets lined with shops and food stalls. It feels chaotic but stoplights stand on every intersection and drivers and pedestrians follow them. The public transit system (one of the world’s best) is really easy to go by.

Perfect for: Shopping and food trips and feeling like you’re lost in translation.

Paris, France

Highlights: The city lights as you stroll the walkways near the Seine River. Cobblestone streets are blocked off to cars, so you can have a relaxing and romantic walk.

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Perfect for: The cliché romantic movie scene with a kiss under the stars. <3

Florence, Italy

Highlights: Historic atmosphere from Renaissance buildings, cobblestone streets, wide piazzas, and old bridges. Tourist attractions like Piazzale Michelangelo and Ponte Vecchio are near each other.

Perfect for: Having the ultimate city sightseeing experience and imagining you’re in a fairy tale.

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Munich, Germany

Highlights: Streets lined with shops, museums, cafés, and bars amid some old architecture.

Perfect for: Bar-hopping and mingling with the locals at night, and feeling cool and cultured.

Melbourne, Australia

Highlights: Bayside views and parks in a laidback urban setting. The city has walking routes that lead to the beach, markets, and bistros.

Perfect for: Getting away from the stress of the city life without really saying goodbye to the city

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Highlights: This UNESCO World Heritage site has astounding architecture. The hillside town looking out to the Adriatic should be fun to explore on foot. (Trivia: Game of Thrones’ King’s Landing is shot here!)

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Perfect for: Feeling like you’re in another century or a citizen of Game of Thrones’ King’s Landing (it was shot here!).

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