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Add These 10 Beaches To Your Cebu Travel Bucket List

Who's going to Cebu this summer? See you there!
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Cebu—a place where you can enjoy the *best* lechon and dried mangoes, party in the streets during Sinulog, and meet some of the most hospitable people—is a popular travel destination for locals and tourists alike. With 167 islands and islets, you have so many activities to choose from and a lot of attractions to cover. One thing you can't miss out on, however, is Cebu's pristine beaches. If you're planning on flying over this summer, here are 10 beaches you should definitely have on your list:

  1. Bounty Beach 

    Located on Malapascua Island, Bounty Beach is home to numerous bars and restaurants where you can eat and drink to your heart’s desire. It’s the ideal destination for barkadas going on their annual out-of-town trip. Here, you can chill around, go on a food trip, and catch up by the hammocks along the shore.

  2. Sayaw Beach

    Unlike most beaches in Cebu, Sayaw doesn’t have a white sand shoreline. Instead, it has a rocky front, which isn’t really all that bad since these rocks are safe to step on. If you’re interested in other activities, you can explore Barili Limestone Cave—you just have to talk to one of the bangkeros so they can take you there. 

  3. Sumilon Island

    Sumilon is one of Cebu’s most famous beaches. With just one look at its pretty stretch, you immediately know why. It’s known for its sandbar, but if you happen to drop by at high tide, you can still enjoy the island by trying any of its four diving spots: Garden Eel Plaza, Nikk’s Wall, Coral Landscape, and Julie’s Rock. Promise, the diverse marine life is to die for!

  4. Hermit’s Cove

    Located in the Southern part of Cebu is Hermit’s Cove, which is known both locally and internationally. Before entering the site, you have to go through a set of wooden stairs before you see it in all its glory. Here, you’ll witness a mix of green trees, white sand, and clear blue waters—it’s basically every nature lover’s dream sight!

  5. Basdaku, Moalboal

    The island’s name is derived from two Cebuano words, “bas” which means sand and “daku” for big. This lowkey paradise can be found in the beautiful province of Moalboal and it’s a perfect destination for travelers with a tight budget. The entrance fee ranges from P10 to P20plus, they allow tourists to set up camp in some areas so you’d only need to worry about enjoying the sun when you get to this island!

  6. Lambug Beach, Badian

    If your itinerary includes Kawasan Falls—aka one of the Philippines’ best canyoneering spots—then make sure to take a side trip to this beautiful beach located just a few minutes away. Canyoneering takes up a lot of your energy, so take this opportunity to rest on the shore before heading back to the city. 

  7. Paradise Beach, Bantayan

    If you’re traveling to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then this suggestion is the one for you. This aptly-named beach is secluded and will give you the peace and quiet you must be craving for. Also, it’s the perfect place to tan because wala masyadong tao and you’re free to just lounge around all day long!

  8. Tingko Beach

    A lot of the go-to tourist spots in the province are in the city center, so if you're looking for an island to add to your itinerary, then add this spot to your list. Tingko is about two to three hours away, and it’s kinda easy to visit—you just have to take a bus from South Bus Terminal in Cebu City to get there! 

  9. Pescador Island

    Pescador Island is usually the jump-off point for snorkeling and island-hopping adventures in the area. Here, you can swim with interesting sea creatures, like sardines and dolphins. Plus, it’s near Cebu’s sea turtle sanctuary, Turtle Point. Always down for an adventure? You'll surely love this spot!

  10. Huna Huna Cliff Resort

    Need something a little ~private~? Nestled along the coast of Catmon in Northern Cebu, this cliff resort is a go-to spot for tourists who wish to simply wake up to the relaxing sound of the waves crashing on the shore. Plus, the Spanish-Mediterrainian look and feel of the place is a pretty background for all of your travel pics. Instant double-tap-worthy posts!

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