This Pink House On Air BnB Is The Ultimate Vacation House

The next time you're in the UK, you know where to stay.
PHOTO: Airbnb/Amy & James

Anybody who's ever tried to book and plan a huge trip knows how stressful it can be—so take the pain out of finding a place to stay by booking this AMAZING (and slightly OTT) bright pink house on Air BnB ASAP.

Because who wouldn't want to stay in a ridiculously lavish, glamorous, elaborate mansion that can accommodate over 30 people? Nobody, presumably.

Situated in Tiptree, Essex, UK, Eaton House Studio is quite literally every little girls' dream: Not only is the exterior painted a bold pink, but the interior is even more flamboyant with fairy lights, flowers, and more neon signs than the red light district.

In other words, it's AMAZING.

The Air BnB description reads:

"Eaton House Studio delivers fully bespoke work and leisure experiences in extraordinary surroundings. It is THE pink house with flamingos and unicorns! The perfect place for celebrating a special occasion with friends. The house is extremely large and an art piece that is constantly evolving. We are adding to it all the time. However, the pictures we have uploaded give you some idea of the magic of Eaton House Studio. There is much more to discover when you visit!"

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So, you like? It'll cost you £1,800 (about P112,810) per night, has room for up to 30 people, and has a hot tub, unicorn statue, open log fire, pool table, and potentially every other thing you might desire from an OTT Wonderland.

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See you there, CGs?

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